Modern Western Civ II

  1. Ride of the Valkyries
    • composed by Richard Wagner
    • Depicts the what a world would sound like if it was ruled by the strong, not the weak
    • Follows Nicha's philosophy
  2. Ruhr River Valley
    • 1923
    • Germans said they would no longer pay the treaty of versailles
    • French were angry, invaded this part of Germany
    • Seen as bullies to international community who sided with defenseless Germany
    • Adolf Hitler rose to international stage by leading a protest against the invasion in southern Germany, was arrested later
  3. Scientific Racism
    findings and method to investigate differences among the human races to support or validate racist world-views
  4. Schlieffen Plan
    • Strategy made by the Germans long before war took place
    • Feared fighting a war from two different fronts
    • plan was to take out France first, aiming to overtake capital, Paris
  5. Social Darwinism
    • Idea that evolved from Darwin's theories after he died
    • If the world struggles and only strong survive, then we’re are bringing a downfall to help each other
  6. Spinning Jenny
    • could do 8 threads a crank, with steam engine, could do 80 threads
    • invented by James Hargreaveh in 1764 in England
  7. Solidarity
    Solidarity was the first non-communist party controlled trade union in a Warsaw Pact country
  8. Sputnik
    • October 4, 1957
    • US couldn’t believe Russians did something so advanced.
    • Symbol of communism able to achieve things.
    • Soviet union became more restrained in how they confronted the rest.
    • Less targeted around military aggression
  9. Stab in the Back
    attributing Imperial German loss of the war to the public’s failure in answering their “patriotic calling”, and to the war effort-sabotage of the Socialists
  10. Stalinism’s Four Components
  11. Forced, rapid industrialization
    • Collectivization of Agriculture
    • Cultural Revolution: creating a new class of communist experts.
    • All of these through violence.
  12. Totalitarianism
    the doctrine that the state need observe no limits to its power, extending from politics to social educational, and cultural matters.

    No country ever announced they were like that
  13. Treaty of Rapallo
    agreement between Germany and Soviet Russia on the renunciation of claims arising from World War I.
  14. Triple Alliance
    • Russia, France, Britain
    • Italy, Germany, Austria-Hungary
  15. Vladimir Lenin
    Loved to argue and wion people over. Created communist party. When they didn’t so what he wanted them to do, divided them into two parts. 1 was mesheviks who thought it would take a long time for revolution. Bolsheviks wanted revolution now.
  16. War of the First
    • (1793–1797)
    • was the first major concerted effort of multiple European powers to contain Revolutionary France.
    • It took shape after the French Revolutionary Wars had already begun.
  17. Sepoy Mutiny
    • Hindu and Muslims didn't like handling sacred animals for the fat to oil British gubs
    • rfevoltetd, but eventually British won
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Modern Western Civ II
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