Anatomy-muscle system

  1. Entire muscle is wrapped in what external connective tissue?
  2. Skeletal muscles are made up of what?
    fascicles - bundle of indivudual muscle cells
  3. Perimysium
    Connective tissue layer surrounding fascicle
  4. Nucleus
    Cellular structure that holds the cell's genetic material of the cell
  5. Sarcolemma
    Plasma membrane of the muscle cell
  6. Sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR)
    Endoplasmic reiculum for the muscle cell. Its interconnecting tubules surround each myofibril.
  7. Terminal cisternae
    Sac like regions of the sarcoplasmic reitculum, lying adjacent to the T-tublues serves as specialized reservoirs of calcium ions.
  8. T-tubules
    An invagination of the sarcolemma that pushes deep into the muscle cell's interior.
  9. Triad in muscle cell
    A 3-part system that consists of a T-tubule laying between two adjacent terminal cisternae
  10. Myofibril
    A cylindrical bundle of contractual fillaments within the skeletal muscle cell.
  11. Mitochondrion
    A cytoplasmic organelle that is the site of ATP synthesis; the powerhouse of the cell.
  12. Cytosol
    The intracellular fluid in which the organelles are suspended and molecules and ions are dissolved.
  13. Myofilaments
    Protein fillaments that make up the myofibril of skeltel muscle cells. Two types of myofilaments: actin (thin) and myosin (thick).
  14. Z-line
    Zig-zag line bisecting the I-line. Z-line is a protein disc that anchors the thin filaments and connects adjacent myofibrils.
  15. Sarcomere
    A contractile unit that measures from one Z-line to the next.
  16. Skeletal muscle
    Muscle tissue that is usually attached to the bone of the skeleton or occasionally the skin.
  17. Cardiac muscle
    The muscle tissue found in the walls of the heart
  18. Smooth muscle
    Muscle tissue found mainly in the walls of the hollow organs of the body, such as blood vessles and digestive tract.
  19. Endomysium
    Connective tissue that wraps each individual muscle cell (fibers)
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