Final Exam Part I - Fetal Pig

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    #17 Lung- part of the thoracic cavity, contain air, part of respiratory system.

    #35 Liver- largest organ in the abdominal cavity; secretes bile, filters toxins and nutrients from the blood and stores sugars.
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    #1 Umbilical Artery- paired vessels that carry blood from fetus to the placenta

    #14 Stomach- digestive resorvoir for food. Stores food, chemicals secreted from walls which break down food and prepare them for absorption in intenstines.
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    #3 Diaphragm- muscular sheet used to ventilate the lungs; separates the thoracic cavity from the lower abdominal cavity

    #5 Testes- produces sperm and hormones (reproductive organ of male)
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    #6 Pulmonary Artery- blood gets pushed out into it, delivers blppd to the capillaries of the lungs

    #11 Left Ventricle- large muscular chamber of heart, pumps blood out of heart into artery
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    #4 Esophagus- tube which moves food down

    #10 Trachea- tube to the lungs

    #16 Larynx- enlarged oval-shaped region cranial to the trachea that contains the vocal chords
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    #7 Urinary Bladder- uterers dump urine into

    #15 Urethra- tube that leads from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body, transports urine and semen.
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    #5 Cerebral Cortex

    #21 Cerebellum
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    #31 Kidneys- filter blood constantly, removing urea and other waste products 
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    #23 Carotid Artery-
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