History - European Exploration

  1. What are the 3 main reaosns for exploration?
    • Economic
    • Religious
    • Competition
  2. What are the major obstacles to exploration?
    • Poor maps
    • Poor navigational tools
    • Disease
    • Starvation
    • Fear of the unknown
    • Lack of adequate supplies
  3. List the accomplishments of the age of exploration.
    • Exchanged goods and ideas
    • Improved navigational tools and ships
    • Claimed territories
  4. Name the country that Fransisco Coronado explored for.
  5. Samuel de Champlain and robert La Salle explored for this country.
  6. What country did John Cabot explore for?
  7. Where did the Portugese explore?
    The west coast of Africa
  8. List the regions that each explorer went to.
    Fransisco Coronado -
    Samuel de Champlain -
    Robert La Salle -
    John Cabot -
    • Fransisco Coronado - Southwest United States
    • Samuel de Champlain - Quebec
    • Robert La Salle - Mississippi River Valley
    • John Cabot - Eastern Canada
  9. Describe what American Indians taught Eropean settlers.
    • Farming techniques
    • Belived that land was to be shared or used but not owned
  10. Which country was able to establish trading posts and spread the Christian religion?
  11. Spanish explorers were great conquerors, who did they conquer? What did they bring to the New World?
    Enslaved Americans, brought Christianity and European diseases
  12. What did the English achieve through exploration?
    • Established settlements
    • Claimed ownership of land
    • Learned farming techniques from American Indians
    • Traded with American Indians
  13. What were the areas of cooperation between explorers and native people in economic interactions?
    • Europeans brought in weapons and metal farm tools
    • Trade
    • Crops
  14. What were some areas of conflict between explorers and native people in economic interactions?
    • Land
    • Competition for trade
    • Differences in cultures
    • Disease
    • Language difference
  15. What did Ghana, Mali and Songhai do?
    Dominated West Africa one after the other from around 300 - 1600 B.C.
  16. What river is near Ghana, Mali, and Songhai?
    The Niger River
  17. Ghana, Mali, and Songhai are all located where?
    Western region of Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, near the Niger River
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