History - American Indians

  1. What do archaeologists do?
    Study human behavior and culture through the recovery and analysis of artifacts.
  2. What is one of the oldest archaeological sites in North America?
    Cactus Hill
  3. Where is the oldest archaeological site in North America located?
    The Nottoway River in Southeastern Virginia
  4. List the 5 major Natice American tribes.
    • Iñuit
    • Kwakiutl
    • Lakota (Sioux)
    • Pueblo
    • Iroquois
  5. Which tribe lived in dry grasslands of the great plains?
    Lakota (Sioux)
  6. Which tribe lived where the temperature is below freezing for much of the year?
  7. Name the tribe that made it's home in the Eastern Woodlands of the United States.
  8. One tribe lived in present day Arizona and New Mexico in desert areas and areas bordering cliffs.
  9. Which tribe lived in the pacific northwest and used totem poles?
  10. What is a natural resource?
    A resource that comes directly from nature
  11. What is a human resource?
    A resource that comes from people working to produce goods and services
  12. Name 3 ways American Indians got food.
    • Hunting
    • Fishing 
    • Farming
  13. What is a capital resource?
    Goods produced and used to make other goods and services
  14. What was the clothing of American Indians made from?
    Animal skins and furs
  15. Which American Indian tribe is from present day Alaska and Canada?
  16. What is an example of a natural resource?
    • Animals
    • Rivers
    • Wild plants
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