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    • The wonderful world of Se consists of:

    1. Reflexive (in the case of third persons Sing/Plural)
  1. 2. Indirect object if followed by D.O. (3rd person singular/plural)
  2. 3. Se + construction
  3. 4. Se (with accent) is the to form of Saber in present tense
  4. Reflexive Se
    In the case of third person Singular and plural

    What people do to themselves or for themselves.

    Like self/selves (in English), it refers back to the subject
  5. Se + Infinitive
    Attached at end of reflexive (infinitive)
  6. If reflexive has a conjugated verb:
    • Se before conjugated verb
    • Or
    • Attached after infinitive
  7. When referring to the body or articles of clothing
    use definite articles rather than possessives with the reflexive verbs.
  8. Some verbs when reflexive:
    Have their meanings changed
  9. Examples of meaning changing reflexive verbs
    acostar, dormir, levantar, llamar, Poner, quitar
  10. Acostarse
    To go to bed, to lie down
  11. Dormirse
    To fall asleep
  12. Levantarse
    To get up
  13. Llamarse
    To be called
  14. Ponerse
    To put on
  15. Quitarse
    To take off
  16. If indirect object before direct object
    3rd person (le, le) becomes se
  17. Direct Object answers the question:
    • What?
    • The thing
  18. Indirect Object answers:
    • To whom?
    • For whom?
  19. Example of I.o and d.o together:
  20. Se + Constructions
    Se + verb construction emphasizes occurrence of an action
  21. In a Se +, _____ follows the verb
    noun (what is bought, sold, offered, etc.) follows the verb
  22. Person who does action:
    Is not mentioned
  23. In se +, the English equivalent
    • In English, passive voice
    • is/are + past participle
  24. Se habla espanol en este retaurante
    Spanish is spoken in this restaurant
  25. Use singular verbs
    With singular nouns
  26. Use plural verbs
    With plural nouns
  27. If construction is followed by adj, adv, infinitive, or a clause
    Use singular verb
  28. Se trabaja mundo en ese manzanal
    They work a lot in that Apple orchard
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