B2, C17

  1. Main input power for the L939 test system?
    480 VAC 3-ph, 60 hz
  2. What do the AC Boxes contain?
    • Primary: 24V system control transformers
    • Secondary: RF and test contactors 
    • Upper: IEEE bus CB
    • Lower: Subsystem contractors, power line filters, CBs
    • Expansion: CB for L-x-x PSs in bay 3
  3. What plug-in modules are usde by the two HP8110 pulse generators in bay 2?
    • HP 81103A output channel
    • HP 81106A PLL/external clock
  4. Measurements by the HP 53132A in bay 4
    • Frequency
    • Frequency Ratio
    • Phase
    • Period
    • Totalize
    • Pulse Width
    • Rise Time
    • Fall Time
    • Time Interval
  5. Waveforms of AFG2020 in bay 4:
    Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, and 32 custom
  6. Instrument that is the ONLY ACPS in the analog subsystem? 
    California 4500L ACPS at the bottom of bay 5
  7. Relay boxes A and B function is to:
    provide safety interlock contorl for HV PS in bays 5,7,8
  8. HP 80000 Data generator system is used for what?
    Emulate fast IC modules by making data in the form of PRBS and PRWS (Pesudorandom Binary and Word sequences) 
  9. Models, Quantities, Ratings of the plugin modules in the electronic load mainframes in bay 8.
    • HP 60503B: (2) 250W
    • HP 60504B: (1) 600W
    • HP 6050A: (4) 150W
  10. Assemblies that make up the TUB:
    • Left Matrix card cage
    • Left/Right Utility card cage
    • Driver/Detector card
    • Cooling system
    • Mechanical rotation system
  11. What is a VXI bus:
    Bus designed for automatic test systems and data collection
  12. How many connections does the hybrd pin matrix support? How are they broken down?
    • 456 total
    • 408: To 17 of the D17 channel cards.
    • 48: To the DCAI
  13. Modules in the HP VXI mainframe in bay 2:
    • Slot 0 Controller
    • ARINC 429 
    • 1553 bus
    • GPS
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B2, C17