1. Components of the AC power and cooling subsystem?
    • Primary AC box
    • Secondary AC box
    • Master and Slave PDUs
    • Coolin Fans
    • Emo Loop
  2. Where are the two Emergency Off buttons located?
    • Two at the front on the control panel.
    • Two at the rear on primary and secondary AC boxes
  3. What happens during the first three seconds of conversion while the main power switch is being held in?
    Master and Slave PDUs verify incoming power for OV, OC, and phase rotation.
  4. Uninterruptible PS provides power to what when turned on?
    The controller, monitor, KVM, ethernet, printer, keyboard and mouse.
  5. What prevents power on to the UUT unless all protections are in place?
  6. DLM PS provide:
    • Two DLM 10-60 (10VDC, 60A)
    • One DLM 20-30
    • Seven DLM 41-15 (40 VDC, 15A)
  7. What is the AT800A composed of?
    5 modular 200-Watts DC supplies
  8. AC1 supply is made up of what?
    3 CW801 Single Phase DC supplies
  9. What does the IRU do?
    Under test, receives AC voltages from AC1 and AC2. And couples 9 internal transformers to obtain 18 desired outputs. 
  10. Basic specs of ADTS station computer:
    • Intel 865G chipset running
    • Windows 200
    • Pentium 4 processor 2.6 Ghz
    • 1 GB RAM
    • Two removable 80GB HD
    • DVD burner
    • Floppy drive
    • 14 variable backplane slots.
  11. CAT5 KVM extender is used for what
    Allows Keyboard Video and Mouse to be as far as 50 ft from station.
  12. Ethernet switch 2C1 provides what for the station?
    HighSpeed 10/100 Mbps connectivity. 5 LAN ports for 5 users.
  13. Two methods for loading the system controller software?
    • Complete Software Load: Deletes all previous data (Must be verified)
    • Restoration of System: Backup previous settings.
  14. What does RESMAN do for the VXI?
    Initializes comunication paths, assigns addresing and memory allocation for each instrument.
  15. Components connected to the GPIB 0:
    • Agilent WFG: 33250A
    • (2) Agilent DMM: 3458
    • Elgar DCPS: AT800A, (2) DLM 10-60, DLM 20-30, (5) DLM 41-15, DCS 40-25
  16. Components connected to the GPIB 1:
    • Elgar CW AC supplies: 801 3-ph, 2501 1-ph, 2503 3-ph.
    • Elgar SW AC supply: 5250 3-ph.
    • Elgar TW AC supply: 5250 3-ph.
    • (2) Elgar DCPS: DLM 41-15
    • (6) Keithley DC source meter: 2420
  17. DAQ interface provides:
    Interface between the system controller and the forced air blower 2A1
  18. What is special about the force channels 33, 34, 35 on the two Agilent DMMs
    75, 93, 50 ohm terminating resistors for each.

    33-75, 34-93, 35-50
  19. Where does the 10 MHz standard signal for station analog instruments come from?
    VM2164 TIC
  20. VT1802 provides what for the station:
    120 single or 60 differential discrete digital channels
  21. What makes up the M9 digital test station?
    Two VXI modules: M-927-04 channel card, M-918-04 CRB. They must be installed as a set.
  22. What are the individual sine wave outputs of the two Racal 3171 AWGs?
    • ARB/PGEN1: 20 MHz SW
    • ARB/PGEN2: 40 MHz SW
  23. What are the output capabilities of the Agilent 33250A AWG
    • 80 MHz SW and SqW
    • Ramp, noise and other programmed waveforms
    • Pulse waveforms up to 50 MHz with variable rise/fall time
  24. How does the oil-cooling cart respond to 12 VDC control signal from IATE?
    Electrical panel assy send 28 VDC interlock signal.
  25. Alarm circuit on cooling cart when?
    Temp/Flow switches open.
  26. What provides ground for the motor control circuit?
    Temp switch at the output of the A4 hydraulic pump
  27. What are hydraulic circuits made up of?
    Flow meter and switch, pressure gauge.
  28. What does the hydraulic circuit do when only one LRU is being cooled?
    Bypasses using the jumper hose assy
  29. What is the purpose of the differential presure selector valve?
    To select inputs applied to differential pressure gauges.
  30. How does it cool the hot oil?
    Passing through coils that have cooling air blown accross them.
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