Finance CDC's Book 1 Vol. 1

  1. At what level is the Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller (SAF/FM) responsible for proper performance of financial management functions?
    All levels
  2. Which Air Staff office serves as technical advisor in carrying out the Air Force's financial management responsibilities?
  3. What kind of program does the Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (AFAFO) provide to ensure effective internal controls?
    Quality Assurance
  4. The Defense Retiree and Annuitant System services retirees from all branches of service and is located in which Defence Finance and Accounting Service center?
  5. How many divisions are in the Center of Expertise (CoE)?
  6. What information is obtained from the Occupational Surver Report process?
    Functional area job tasks
  7. Who creates the "strawman"task listing and submits it to the Utilization and Training Workshop membership?
    SME (subject matter expert)
  8. Which section of part 2 in the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CEFTP) contains the course objective list and training standards?
    Section B
  9. The success of an on-the-job training program is the direct result of a dedicated, focused effort by
    trainers and trainees
  10. Since it is mandatory for you to use on-the-job (OJT) training guides for core task certification, when should you download them from SAF/FM Web site?
    The day you are ready to use them
  11. Nominations for annual comptroller awards are submitted to
    SAF/FMPWE by the first workday in January
  12. Which of the four categories for comptroller awards carries the most weight during the selection process?
    Outstanding Achievement
  13. What format is used for the Aces High award?
    Career background and accomplishments
  14. What is actually more important than the underlying quality of the product or service you provide when providing customer service?
    Customer perception
  15. What is the first thing you should do when approached at the customer service desk?
    Greet the person and introduce yourself
  16. Which organization writes, revises, and negotiates with the contracted credit card companyon all issuesfor the government travel charge card program?
  17. Who is responsible for administerning  the trael charge card program at the base and unit levels?
    Agency programs coordinator
  18. After how many days is a deliquent travel charge card cancelled?
  19. Who appoints the quality assurance manager to have the primary responsibility for administering the Quality Assurance Program?
  20. Who is the comptroller focal point for MAJCOM/FM inspections?
  21. At minimum, how often should  performance indicators be reviewed to determine their continued adequacy in relating mission performance to management?
  22. Which process tool provides the comptroller with an indepentendt review of a functional area?
    Quality Assurance Review
  23. Which Defense Joint Military Pay System transaction is processed to establish a Pay Record Accessibility indicator for members not appearing on the Off-line Reporting Control roster?
  24. Which net change of a Master Military Pay Account requires a further Pay Record Accessibility audit?
    $100 or an increase of 2.5 days of leave
  25. A condition that has a significant negative impact on an organization's management control objectives is known as
    a material weakness
  26. Who determines if a weakness is material enough to warrant reporting it to a higher level?
  27. What is the preffered style for conflict resolution
  28. Who ensures that two ISSOs are appointed at each field site?
    Financial services office
  29. How often should an ISSO ensure that USERID validations are completed?
  30. Which Defense Joint Military Pay System profile is used to verify electronic funds transfer payments?
  31. Military pay information will be stored within the Immediate Access Storage in the Defense Joint Military Pay System within the current month and
    11 prior months
  32. How are closed entries identified in Defense Joint Military Pay System?
    A hypen follows the FID
  33. Which of the following is not a type of inquiry request in Defense Joint Military Pay System?
  34. Which section of the leave and earning statement lists the member's expiration term of service?
    ID section
  35. Which section of the leave and earning statement lists total entitlements and total deductions year to date?
  36. Which of the following in NOT chracterized as a Case Management System (CMS) case?
  37. What would you do in CMS, after you enter a member's social security number in the Enter/Upgrade/Request status on a case" section?
    Select the applicable subject from the pull-down menu
  38. How many days of pay would a member receibe for the pay period is he or she entered active duty on 19 February in a non-leap year?
  39. A member who only serves on active duty from 15 March through 5 April receives how many days of basic pay?
  40. What is the minimum pay grade that can receive special duty assignment pay?
  41. Who determines if a member is eligible to receive hazardous duty incentive pay (HDIP)?
  42. Hazardous duty incentive pay for flying is payable to
    officer and enlisted crew members and noncrew members
  43. The rate payable to officers for aviation career incentive pay is based on
    years of aviation service only
  44. How long must a member be subject to hostile actions before he or she is entitled to hostile fire pay?
    Any part of a month
  45. If all other qualifications are met, which pay must the member be entitled to in order to receive hostile fire pay?
    Basic pay
  46. What is the first step when processing hostile fire/imminent danger pay?
    Verify source document
  47. What code stops hardship duty pay?
  48. To receive board certified pay, a physician must also be eligible for
  49. Which of the following receive incentive special pay when they agree to serve on active duty for at least one year from the effective date of the contract?
    Physicians in grades O-6 and below
  50. The amount of basic allowance for housing paid is based upon
    rank, dependency status, and duty location
  51. Which document can you use to verify a person's relationship to a primary dependent (those not needing a dependency determination)?
    Final adoption decree
  52. The financial services office can process dependency determination for
    Air Force sponsors only
  53. Which person is not considered a primary depentdent?
  54. Personnel in what grade are authorized separate rations based solely on their responsibilities?
  55. Any maneuver, war games, field exercise, or similar operation in excess of 180 days where members subsist in a government mess is called
    field duty
  56. Basic allowance for subsistence is not authorized when a member is
    in field duty status
  57. How many option are there for accomplishing retroactive collections?
  58. Additional uniform and equipment allowance is paid to officers at the rate of
    $200 upon each entry on active duty
  59. A member enters the Air Force in January 1997. When will the first payment of standard clothing maintenace allowance be paid?
    EOM January 2001
  60. Duties such as Security Forces and the Air Force Band are authorized which clothing allowance?
  61. When determining eligibility for family separation allowance-II (FSA-II), you should
    always include the 31st day of the month
  62. The maximum number of days you can reimburse a member for temporary lodging expense for a CONUS to CONUS PCS and a CONUS to overseas PCS, respectively is
    10 and 5
  63. The maximum number of days authorized for temporary lodging allowance is
    TLA-I is 60 days; TLA-D is 10 days
  64. Who can access the temporary lodging allowance system?
  65. When cooking facilities are available, computation for TLA is based on what percentage of MI&E rate
  66. What percentage of the utility/recurring maintenance allowance is used when computing monthly overseas housing allowance for members without dependents
  67. What percentage of the cost-of-living allowance will be paid for a member without dependents who has a meal card and resides in the dorms overseas?
    47 percent
  68. What effect does the permanent change of station departure transaction have on payment of cost-of-living allowance?
    Stops it one day prior to the departure date/OCONUS to CONUS
  69. The Saving Deposit Program offers members a way to invest money into an interest bearing account while serving in
    a conflict or contingency operation
  70. To be eligible to deposit funds into the Savings Deposit Program, a person must be in the are of responsibility for at least
    more than 90 days
  71. Interest accrual from the Savings Deposit Program continues up to
    90 days after departing the area of responsibility
  72. What is the maximum number of discretionary allotments authorized?
  73. The maximum number of discretionary allotments alloweds to any financial institution is
  74. Which allotment class is for voluntarily liquidating delinquent federal income taxes?
  75. Which allotment is for a defined period of time?
    Combined Federal Campaign
  76. The Thrift Savings Plan is operated solely for the benefit of the participants and their beneficiaries by the
    Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
  77. In the financial services office, you will not
    foward TSP contributions to National Finance Center
  78. Which items are used to compute Federal Income Tax Withholding?
    All items of pay
  79. What percentage rate is the social security portion of Federal Income Tax Withholding?
  80. What items of pay are subject to State Income Tax Withholding?
    Same as FITW
  81. When are residents of Arizona exempt from State Income Tax Withholding?
    Never, Arizona residents must pay SITW
  82. When a member changes his or her state of legal residence to Idaho, process an FK04 to
    stop state income tax withholding
  83. You should bried anyone claiming Puerto Rico for state income tax purposes of thier liability since
    Defense Joint Military Pay System (DJMS) does not withhold State Income Tax Withholding (SITW) and the member is liable
  84. An officer serving in a qualified hazardous duty area without entitlement to hostile fire pay is entitled to a tax exclusion equal to
    there is no exclusion
  85. If a member has been overpaid basic allowance for housing and is separating within 30 days, you need to
    verify the reenlistment transaction has not been received and begin collection action immediately
  86. How do members reimburse the government for cost charge transportation requests?
    As a casual payment
  87. After contacting a member concerning a tax levy, within how many workdays must the member report to the financial services office to be briefed on resolving the debt?
  88. When a member has a tax levy deducted, what happens to future tax returns?
    If there is a refund due, the IRS applies it to the levy
  89. The member or the member's commander can apply for this type of indebtedness relief.
  90. If a member believes that charges (debt)incurred from excess cost for the shipmentof household goods is incorrect, the member must submit a letter of rebuttal to the local travel management office within
    30 days after notification
  91. If a financial services officer denies a member's requesst for a repayment period of 12 months, who can approve the repayment request?
    Wing commander
  92. If allotments must be stopped to satisfy the two-thirds rule for deductions, how do you determine the allotments to stop?
    The member chooses the allotments to stop
  93. Dishonored commissary checks are
    not subject to the two-thirds rule
  94. The Open or Suspended Questionable Indebtedness Listing is produced in
    March and September
  95. Within how many days must the Open or Suspended Questionable Indebtedness Listing be completed?
  96. When are allowances forfeited?
    When a general court-martial includes them in the sentence
  97. Fines are duducted after
    all other debts are duducted
  98. Direct deposit of  funds is mandatory for all civilian employees except
    summer hires
  99. What action must DFAS take if the Defense Finance and Accounting Service center cannot convince a bank to waive charges against an employee's account because of faulty delivery of pay?
    Reimburse the employee and provide letters of explanation to any holder of dishonored checks
  100. What figure is used as the basis for Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax?
    Gross pay and any entitlement not subject to federal tax
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