1. What diameter suggests dilation of small and large bowel?
    3/6/9 rule

    • 3 - small bowel
    • 6 - colon
    • 9 - caecum
  2. What lengths of air fluid levels are suggestive of small bowel obstruction?
    Air fluid levels greater than 2.5 cm in length
  3. What are the types of supracondylar humerus fractures?
    Type I - non displaced

    Type II - displaced, intact posterior cortex

    Type III - displaced, no cortical contact
  4. What are the growth centers in children and in what order to they occur)
    • CRITOE (1-3-5-7-9-11 years)
    • C - capitellum
    • R - radial head
    • I - internal (medial) epicondyle
    • T - trochlea
    • O - olecranon
    • E - external (lateral) epicondyle
  5. What is patella alta?
    Abnormally high patella in relation to femur
  6. How does one measure patella alta?
    Patellar length / Patellar tendon length

    Patellar tendon length - inferior patella to tibial tuberosity
  7. What is the pathogenesis of Legg Calve Perthes disease?
    Loss of blood supply to proximal femoral epiphysis leading to avascular necrosis
  8. What are characteristic findings of Rickets in adults?
    Looser zones - horizontal lucencies which resemble fractures but are actually local accumulations of osteoid.
  9. What are characteristic findings of Rickets in children?
    Cupping of metaphyses
  10. What are characteristic locations for child abuse on plain film?
    • Posterior rib fractures
    • Corner fractures of metaphysis
  11. What are the top two causes of "drooping shoulder", i.e. inferior glenohumeral dislocation?
    Joint effusion

    Neuromuscular injury (e.g. stroke, brachial plexus injury)
  12. What is os trigonum?
    Ossification at posterior process of talus
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