Formulas to Memorize

  1. Profit Margin
    Net profit/Sales
  2. Break Even Point
    Image Upload 2 or Image Upload 4
  3. Productivity Ratio of Food
    Food costs per patient per day, or food cost per meal
  4. Productivity ratio for Labor
    labor cost per patient day or labor cost per meal
  5. Factor Method Menu Pricing
    • Mark up factor of 100%/ Food Cost %
    • Menu Price = raw food cost x mark up factor
  6. Prime Cost method
    Raw food costs + Direct Labor cost (very time consuming)
  7. Actual Costing Method
    • Food Cost + Labor Cost + Other Variable Cost + Fixed cost + Profit
    • Fixed, variable, and profit can be obtained as percentage of sales from profit/loss statement
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Formulas to Memorize
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