Mobile Share

  1. Does Mobile Share include unlimited text?
    Yes indeed!
  2. Is hotspot and tethering with Mobile Share plan included?
    YES indeed!
  3. How many minutes are included in the Mobile Share plans?
    Minutes, are you kidding me its unlimited!!! (US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands)
  4. How much will it cost to add a basic handset to Mobile Share Plans?
    • $30.00 
    • Note: 10gb Mobile Share Plans and higher is same price for adding a smart phone. It's a no brainer, smart phones for everyone!
  5. Are you asking the magic question, Where do you work? I hope so..... Will business discounts be reduced off Mobile Share plans?
    YES indeed. 

    These discounts apply to all Mobile Share base data plan monthly reoccurring charge. (e.g. $120/10gb plan and if have a 20% company discount that is $24.00 off  monthly data charge for a $120/10gb plan)
  6. Are Family Plans and Nation Plans still available for everyone when Share Mobile Plans launch?

    Our exsisting plans are still available for new and existing customers.
  7. Will there be a deposit of $445 for more than three lines on new activations and possibly adding to exsisting account with Mobile Share plans?
    • Yes.
    • However call your Rep immediatley to get lines 4-10 approved.
  8. Does Mobile Share Plans fit everyone needs?
    • No
    •  Remember these are in addition to our current plans, give your customers choices which best fit their needs!
  9. What charge would I pay for adding a tablet or gaming device to Mobile Share?
    $10 each/month  What a savings for many!
  10. What can you tell me about the Smartphone price as you increase to our higher bucket data plans?
    Decreases in price!

    • $45 on 1gb plan and incrementally decreases to $30 with our 10gb Mobile Share plans and higher. 
    • Will result in a very big advantage and savings over the competition!  
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