unit 4 theory review

  1. define fraud
    intential acts, deception or misrepresentation of a billing information to gain insurance benifits
  2. what is the major difference between the privacy and security rules?
    security rules cover only ephi, Privacy covers oral ,written or ephi
  3. type of record that is stored on both paper and electronic media (bridge to the ehr) is known as
  4. tracking an appointment is considered            _______________  use of EHR.
  5. accessibilyt is best demonstrated when date elements and information are collected by ______________ and shared with another
    One system
  6. if you access patient information and did not see the patient you have violated HIPPA's____________________
    Need-to-know principle
  7. HIPPA established national standards that address_______,_______________,and ______________
    confifentiality, privacy and security
  8. Under the security Rule,physicanmpractices that transmis electronis data must provide
    security plan,backup procedures for data and risk analysis
  9. what does functional modal standard explain?
    in an industry standard it explains what should, shall,and must be included in the eltronic health record.
  10. what is the disadvantagre of EHR?
    cost and training
  11. name some practices that have a high potential for abuse and fraud in the electronic enviornment
    cutting and pasting functions,borrowing information from other patient records,copying information from another entry in the same record
  12. what is the most common type of health information?
    clinical data

  13. electronic data interchange standards in healthcare were developed
  14. health insurance Protability and Accountability Act of 1996(HIPAA) is federal mandate to protect
    Patient information
  15. what are the primary associations working toward the advancement of the electronic health record?
    (hint there are 3)
    • 1.american health information management association
    •  2.the institute of medicine
    • 3.American Medical Informatics association
  16. what is one of the Major challenenges in developing a computer based patient record?
  17. what are some of the advantages of eletronic health record?
    security,multiple users,and decision support
  18. what legislation makes it a criminal offense to accept bribes or services for services renderd?
    Anti-kickback Statute
  19. health care organization,administrators and clinicians want to be assured tht the HER will improve the______________
    quality of care
  20. a drug interaction alert would be a typical function of a
    clinical decision support system
  21. ______________published 2 major reports that outlined tbhe functionality of the computerized patient record.
    institute of medicine
  22. what software application commonly interfaces with the electronic health record.
  23. how does the electronic medical record differ fromthe paper based record?(there are 3)
    Links to medical knowladge,alerts and reminders and decision support
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