1. organism
    a living thing
  2. biotic factor
    Living part of an organism's habitat
  3. birth rate
    number of birth in a population
  4. death rate
    number of death in a population
  5. photosynthesis
    process in which organisms uses water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide to make food
  6. population
    all members from one species in one area
  7. predation
    organism that kills other organisms for food
  8. predator
    the one who does the killing in the predation
  9. prey
    organism that has been killed and eaten during predation
  10. parasite
    organism that benefits by living i or on a host
  11. population density
    number of individual in an area with specific size
  12. paratism
    organisim that lives in or on a host and harms it
  13. ecosystem
    organisms that live in a particular area
  14. ecology
    the study of how living things interact with its habitat
  15. estimate
    an approximation of a number
  16. emigration
    leaving a population
  17. host
    organism that a parasite or virus live in or on
  18. limiting factor
    prevents population from increasing
  19. immigration
    moving into a population
  20. habitat
    environment for an organism that provides the thing needed to survive
  21. niche
    role of an organism in a population
  22. symbiosis
    a close relationship between two organisms of different species and benefits only one of them
  23. species
    group of organisms physically similar and can mate
  24. abiotic factors
    nonliving parts of an organism habitat
  25. adaptations
    a behavior or physical characteristic that allows an organism to survive
  26. community
    all different populations that live together
  27. commensalism
    relationship between 2 species one is helped and the other one is not harmed
  28. carrying capacity
    longest population an area can support
  29. competition
    strugle between organism to survive
  30. mutualism
    relationship between 2 organisms, which both benefits from it
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