Problems of work

  1. What role do you see that work plays in people’s lives?
    A very important role!!!  One's sanity, security, and existence is dependent on work. It affects every aspect of a person's life. One spends up to or more then 7/10 of their life working. Work is the foundation of security, self-worth, and to be able to do things for other people.
  2. What is insecurity?
    Absence of not knowing the rules of life, or the absence of knowledge or knowing that everything will work out fine.
  3. Describe some of the things Scientology can change in a person for the better.
    It can, and does change human behavior for the better, it puts the individual in control of himself, it increases intelligence, make's one younger in appearance, brings order to chaos, and such things as accidents and luck would be under their control.
  4. What is the definition of a confusion?
    A confusion is only a confusion as long as all data, factors and particles are In motion.
    It’s when you bring order to confusion by selecting your first target. Until you select One datum, one factor, one particular in a confusion of particles, the confusion continues. The one thing selected and used, becomes the stable datum, conceiving the one thing to be motionless, everything else is seen in relation to your first selected datum.
  6. Describe “good control.
    Good control is certain, positive, and predictable. Others can predict the outcome.
  7. What is meant by a stable datum being “shaken”?
    Like a shaky brick wall, You remove 1 key brick, or datum, by locating it, invalidating it, or by criticism and proof. The wall falls, and one becomes confused of the confusion resurfacing from the past.
  8. What is the definition of work?
    Work is action with a purpose.
  9. Define play.
    Play is activity without a purpose.
  10. Describe some activities that classify as play.
    Diversions away from work, vacations, excessive TV watching, time wasters
  11. What is the stable datum of work?
    The stable datum of work is purpose.
  12. What does it mean to “create” one’s job?
    You create your job by having a good attitude toward work, connected with a good purpose, anything that doesn’t want you to take action is trying to shake your stable datum of work which is purpose.
  13. Is there such a thing as “bad control”?
    No, bad control is no control
  14. What is the ANATOMY OF CONTROL?
  15. What is the cycle-of-action of life?
  16. What defines a good executive and good subordinates?
    • A good executive is one that gives commands and is in control of more areas then the worker, so the executive is
    • able to start change and stop the workers and the workers in what’s in their control are able to start change and stop things, like machines, tools, communications.

  17. What does a game consist of ?
    A game consists of freedom, barriers, and purposes. The controlled and the uncontrolled.

  18. With regard to playing a game, how could efficiency and
    inefficiency be defined?
    • Efficiency is where one is mentally and physically in good condition and have the ability To play a outside game at hand. Inefficiency is the inability to play the game at hand,
    • And with the necessity to invent games with things which one should be able to control.
  19. What is meant by the “dwindling spiral of control”?
    It is when you try to control things that are out of your control. You begin to doubt your ability to control things you can. so one must be willing to leave certain parts of the world uncontrolled. If not he rapidly drops downscale and gets into situations where he is obsessively attempting to control things which he never will.
  20. Describe the factors of CONTROL and UNCONTROL as they relate
    A game consists of control and uncontrol, you must have uncontrolled factors in a  Game. To be a good player you need to control the things your have direct control Over, and let the outer world be whatever it want to be, the uncontrolled.
  21. Why is it that one’s opponent must be an uncontrolled factor in order to have a game?
    Because if one had control over everything, there wouldn’t be a game, you need The uncontrolled opponent.
  22. Define the points of the A-R-C TRIANGLE.
    • Affinity means closeness physical or emotional or lack of. Reality means solid Objects, real things in life, seeing
    • eye to eye on things. Communication means A interchange of ideas between two people.
  23. What is the Tone Scale?
    It’s a emotional tone scale from body death, to apathy, grief, fear, anger, antagonism Boredom, enthusiasm, serenity, which makes a person predictable with the A-R-C
  24. What is meant by the below apathy or sub-apathy tone
    That would be no affinity, no problem, no emotion, no consequences state of mind. Without pain, without interest, not being able to respond to anything. Potential murderer. They can’t stop-change-or start anything.
  25. Why is it dangerous to have a person around who is below apathy? Give an example of this.
    • They are liabilities to have around. They do not respond properly, if such a person is working a crane and the crane
    • suddenly goes out of control, they will drop it on people, so you have a potential murderer, accidents in industry, stem from these people, in sub apathy.
  26. Describe the procedure of having someone touch
    and let go of their immediate tools.
    If one in a lower tone the things in a room are not solid to him, so by touching things  in a room as solid objects and let them go, many times, one can go up the tone scale to enthusiasm, you can also use it, by communicating repeatedly with people. he will gain connection with people
  27. How could you apply this procedure in your workplace?
    If I get burned out with working, or fearful, or angry, or sad which are lower tones, I could take a brake and touch things and let them go, which will take me to a higher tone connected with things being solid.
  28. What is chronic exhaustion?
    Chronic exhaustion is the product of the accumulation of the shocks and injuries incident to life. Each of them only a few seconds or hours, adding up to 50 to 75 hrs.
  29. Describe in our own words the point below exhaustion.
    It’s a point when one does not know when he’s tired, he could go on working and not know that he’s working
    • Introversion means one is only capable of looking inward at himself. Extroversion means that he is capable of looking
    • at the world outside around him.
  31. What is the TAKE A WALK process?
    You just take a walk and look at thing till you feel better.
  32. How can you use the Take a Walk process to handle exhaustion?
    Introversion results in exhaustion so by going for a walk you turn you attention to the outer world and distant things that make you extroversion and exhaustion goes away.
  33. What is the LOOK THEM OVER process for and how is it done?
    ts for ones that are burned out on talking to people and have gone down the tone scale, being overstrained, so it brings one to reality regarding people. Its done by Going where lots of people are and just notice them, nothing more. Then being overstrained with people will go.
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