Neets Module 16 Assignment 6

  1. What element controls the number of electrons striking the screen?
    Control grid.
  2. What element is controlled to focus the beam?
    The first anode.
  3. Why are the electrostatic fields between the electron gun elements called lenses?
    Because they bend electron streams in much the same manner that optical lenses bend light rays.
  4. What is the function of the second anode?
    It accelerates the electrons emerging from the first anode.
  5. What effect do longer deflection plates have on the electron beam?
    A greater deflection angle.
  6. What effect does closer spacing of plates have on the electron beam?
    A greater deflection angle.
  7. Is the deflection angle greater with higher or lower potential on the plates?
    Higher potential.
  8. Is the deflection angle greater when the beam is moving faster or slower?
    Slower beam.
  9. Waveforms are described in terms of what two functions?
    Amplitude and time.
  10. The vertical-deflection plates are used to reproduce what function?
  11. The horizontal-deflection plates are used to produce what function?
    Time and/or frequency relationships.
  12. Why are the ends of the deflection plates bent outward?
    To permit wide-angle deflection of the beam.
  13. What term is used to describe the reciprocal of deflection sensitivity of a scope?
    Deflection factor.
  14. List the circuits that all oscilloscopes have in common.
    A CRT, a group of control circuits, power supply, sweep circuitry, and deflection circuitry.
  15. When you select the time base to display a signal, should the time base be the same, higher, or lower than the input signal?
  16. Oscilloscopes are used to measure what quantities?
    • Amplitude
    • Phase
    • Time
    • Frequency.
  17. Scopes that produce two channels on a single CRT with a single beam are referred to as what types of scopes?
    Dual-trace oscilloscopes.
  18. The first converter is also known by what other name?
    Front end.
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