Neets Module 16 Assignment 4

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  1. What is one of the greatest advantages of a VOM?
    No external power source is required.
  2. Before you connect a VOM in a circuit for an ohmmeter reading, in what condition must the circuit be?
  3. When taking resistance readings with a VOM, you will obtain the most accurate readings at or near what part of the scale?
  4. Besides setting up the meter for expected voltage ranges, what must be strictly observed when taking dc voltage readings?
  5. Power for the electronic digital multimeter is normally supplied by what internal power source?
    Rechargeable batteries.
  6. How is an overload condition indicated by the electronic digital multimeter?
    Simultaneous flashing of display readouts.
  7. In an electronic digital multimeter, the digital information is displayed by what type of numerical readouts?
    Light-emitting diodes.
  8. What is the general function of the differential voltmeter?
    To compare an unknown voltage with a known reference voltage and indicate the difference in their values.
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