Neets Module 16 Assignment 2

  1. What is the logarithmic ratio between the input and output of a given circuit called?
  2. What term is used to represent power levels above or below a 1-milliwatt reference?
  3. What milliwatt value is equal to +6 dBm?
    4 mW.
  4. What name is given to a resistor used to replace the normal load in a circuit?
    Dummy load or dummy antenna.
  5. What are the two types of bolometers?
    Barretter and thermistor.
  6. As the dissipated power increases, what effect does this have on the resistance of a thermistor?
    It increases.
  7. In a heterodyne-type frequency meter, what is the difference between the oscillator frequency and the unknown frequency?
    Beat frequency.
  8. What equipment uses a calibrated resonant circuit to measure frequency?
  9. Name two instruments used to analyze waveforms.
    • Oscilloscope
    • Spectrum analyzer.
  10. What device sweeps a band of frequencies to determine frequencies and amplitudes of each frequency component?
    Spectrum analyzer.
  11. What is the typical back-to-forward resistance ratio of a good-quality diode?
    10-to-1 ratio.
  12. As a transistor ages, what happens to the leakage current?
    It tends to increase.
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