Neets Module 15 Assignment 3

  1. Can any rapidly spinning object be considered a gyroscope?
  2. What gyro property causes the gyro to remain in a fixed position?
  3. What type(s) of force does a gyro resist?
    Any force that attempts to tilt the spin axis.
  4. In what direction will a gyro precess in response to an outside force?
    Perpendicular (90�) to the force.
  5. A universally mounted gyro has how many gimbals?
  6. What factors determine the rigidity of a gyro?
    Rotor speed, weight, shape.
  7. What type of force acts ONLY through the center of gravity of a gyro, and does NOT cause precession?
    Force of translation.
  8. The amount of precession that results from a given force is determined by what quantity?
  9. What factor determines the direction a gyro will precess in response to a particular force?
    Direction of spin.
  10. When using the right-hand rule to determine precession, which finger indicates the direction of the applied force?
    Middle finger.
  11. A universally mounted gyro has how many degrees of freedom?
  12. If a free gyro is placed at the equator at 1200 in a vertical position; in what position should it be at 1800?
  13. What are the three causes of mechanical drift in a gyro?
    Unbalanced gyro, inertia of gimbals, bearing friction.
  14. What is the purpose of an erection system used with a gyro?
    To achieve and maintain the proper operating position for the gyro (usually vertical or horizontal).
  15. What is the purpose of rotating the gimbal assembly in a gyro using a mercury erection system?
    Applies torque at the proper point for correct precession.
  16. What are rate gyros primarily used for?
    Measuring angular rates.
  17. How many degrees-of-freedom does a rate gyro usually have?
  18. What gyro characteristic provides the basis of the operation of a rate gyro?
  19. Operation of an accelerometer is based on what physical property?
  20. What type of systems primarily use accelerometers?
    Navigation systems.
  21. What special requirement is the pulse counting accelerometer designed for?
    When digital data is required from an accelerometer.
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