Neets Module 14 Assignment 2

  1. Training requirements for (2M) repair personnel were developed under guidelines established by what organization?
    Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).
  2. What agencies provide training, tools, equipment, and certification of the 2M system?
    • Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM)
    • Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIRSYSCOM).
  3. To perform microminiature component repair, a 2M technician must be currently certified in what area?
    Microminiature component repair.
  4. Multilayer printed circuit board repair is the responsibility of what 2M repair technician?
    Microminiature repair technician.
  5. What are the three levels of maintenance?
    • Depot
    • Intermediate
    • Organizational.
  6. Maintenance performed by the user activity is what maintenance level?
  7. List the three groups of test equipment used for fault isolation in 2M repair.
    • On-line
    • Off-line
    • General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE).
  8. What test equipment continuously monitors electronic systems?
  9. NELAT and VAST are examples of what type of test equipment?
  10. Stereoscopic-zoom microscopes and precision drill presses are normally associated with what type of repair station?
    Microminiature repair station.
  11. Solder used in electronic repair is normally an alloy of what two elements?
    Tin and lead.
  12. In soldering, what alloy changes directly from a solid state to a liquid state?
  13. Flux aids in soldering by removing what from surfaces to be soldered?
  14. What type(s) of flux should never be used on electronic equipment?
    Chloride or (acid) and organic.
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