1. Clinical Buzzwords
  2. Monoclonal spike on serum electrophoresis (M-protein):
    Multiple myeloma
  3. Smudge cells on peripheral smear:
  4. �Palpable olive�:
    Pyloric Stenosis
  5. �String sign� (long narrow pyloric lumen):
    Pyloric Stenosis
  6. �Bag of worms� in scrotum:
  7. �Boggy uterus�:
  8. Steeple sx on x-ray:
  9. Thumb sx on x-ray:
  10. �Cherry red spot� (red fovea) on Fundoscopy:
  11. �Blood and Thunder retina�:
    CR Vein occlusion
  12. Rust-colored sputum:
    Strep. Pneumo PNA
  13. Currant Jelly sputum:
    Klebsiella pneumo. PNA
  14. Unilateral ptosis, anhidrosis, miosis:
    Horner�s Syndrome
  15. Parenchymal bullae or subpleural blebs:
    Emphysema (patho.)
  16. ECG: S1Q3 inverted T3:
    cor pulmonale from PE
  17. CXR honeycombing:
    pulmonary fibrosis or bronchiectasis
  18. Lung bx: nonencaseating granulomas:
  19. �Hot potato voice�:
    peritonsillar abscess
  20. CXR visceral pleural line or �deep sulcus sign� on supine:
  21. Pharyngeal gray pseudomembrane:
  22. Electrical alternans on ECG:
    cardiac effusion (patho.)
  23. Osler nodes (pnful finger, toe, feet lesions), Janeway lesions (pnless palm and sole lesions), Roth spots (exudative retinal lesions/hemhorrages):
    Infective Endocarditis
  24. Bite cells (loss of Heinz body) on peripheral smear:
    G6PD deficiency
  25. Heinz bodies on peripheral smear:
    G6PD def. or thalassemia
  26. �Beefy red tongue�:
    pronounced anemia
  27. Pica:
    Fe deficiency
  28. Macro-ovalocytes and hypersegmented PMNs:
    Folate def. anemia (patho.)
  29. Pancytopenia with circulating blasts:
    acute leukemia
  30. Auer rods on peripheral smear (needle-like inclusions in eosinophiles):
    AML (can also be ALL, but less likely)
  31. Blast-crisis:
  32. Reed-Sternberg Cells on LN bx:
    Hodgkin�s Lymphoma
  33. Rouleau Formation on peripheral smear:
    Multiple Myeloma
  34. Bence Jones Proteins in urine:
    Muliple Myeloma
  35. �Parrot-beaked� esophagus (dilated esophagus taper to the distal obstruction) on barium swallow:
  36. Cobblestone-pattern filling defects with segmental areas of involvement (skip lesions) on Barium enema or CT:
    Chron�s Dz.
  37. Currant Jelly stools:
  38. Sausage-like mass on abdominal exam:
  39. Chvostek�s Sign (twitch facial nerve on tap):
  40. Trousseau�s Sign (carpal tunnel spasm with BP cuff for 3 min.):
  41. Herberden�s nodes (DIP nodes):
  42. Bouchard�s nodes (PIP nodes):
  43. Swan neck deformity (flexed DIP, extended PIP, flexed MCP):
  44. Boutinniere deformity (extended DIP, flexed PIP):
  45. Subcutaneous nodules on extensor surfaces:
    RA (patho.)
  46. Koebner�s phenomenon (maculopapular rash elicited by scratching that appears in the evening):
    Juvenile RA
  47. �Cup and Saucer� appearance of proximal phalanx on x-ray:
    Psoriatic arthritis
  48. Tinel�s sign (percussion of volar wrist causes tingling):
    Carpal Tunnel
  49. Phalen�s sign (wrist flexion for 1 min causes pain):
    Carpal Tunnel
  50. Fx of 5th MC neck:
    Boxer�s fx
  51. Distal radial fx with dorsal angulation:
    Colle�s fx
  52. Distal radial fx with volar angulation:
    Smith�s fx
  53. Sprain of ulnar collateral ligament of thumb:
    Gamekeeper�s thumb
  54. Anterior fat pad sign:
    hemarthrosis in radial head fx
  55. Anatomical snuffbox pain:
    Scaphoid fx
  56. �Bamboo appearance� on x-ray of spine:
    Ankylosing Spondylitis
  57. �Cresent sign� of hip on x-ray:
    Avascular necrosis of hip
  58. Posterior Fat pad sign:
    Radial Head fx
  59. Amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles:
  60. Battle sx:
    Basilar skull fx
  61. WBC casts:
    pyelo. (or nephritis)
  62. Hyaline casts:
    ARF (or normal in athletes)
  63. Renal Tubular Epitheleal cell casts (�muddy brown casts�):
  64. RBC casts:
  65. Positive Finkelstein (pain with fist ulnar deviation):
  66. Pedunculated bone mass capped in cartilage:
  67. Gottron�s sx (scaly, papule rash on dorsal hands):
  68. Heliotrope rash (eyelid erythema):
    Dermatomyositis (or SLE)
  69. Low morning cortisol with elevated ACTH:
    Addison�s disease
  70. More than 125 mg/dL urine cortisol in 24 hours:
  71. Milkman lines or Looser zones (pseudofractures):
  72. Eruptive and tendious xanthomas:
    Hyperlipidemia (patho.)
  73. Petechial rash with meningeal sxs:
    Neisseria Meningitidis
  74. KOH hyphae and spores (�spaghetti and meatballs�):
    Tinea versicolor
  75. S-shaped burrows on skin:
  76. �Snowstorm� on TVU with elevated BHcg:
    Hydatidiform mole
  77. �Rope-like� on CBE:
    Fibrocystic breasts
  78. Herald patch then �Christamas tree� appearing rash:
    Pityrasis Rosea
  79. Oncholysis with oil spots:
    Psoriasis (patho.)
  80. Hot tub folliculitis:
    Pseudomonas aureginosa
  81. Terry�s nails (white nail bed):
    Liver disease/cirrhosis
  82. Azure (blue) lunulae on nails:
    Wilson�s disease
  83. Absent or decreased femoral pulses with a murmur:
    Coarctation of the aorta (patho.)
  84. Kayser-Fleischer rings (brown rings btw iris and cornea):
    Wilson�s Disease
  85. Boot-shaped heart:
    RVH from Tet. Of Fallot
  86. �Egg on a string� (narrow mediastinum):
    Transposition of Great Vessels
  87. Lower BP in arms vs legs:
    Coarct. Aorta
  88. Barking cough like a seal:
  89. �Figure 3 sign� on CXR:
    Coarct. Aorta
  90. �Machine-like� murmur:
    Patent Ductus Arteriosis
  91. Absence of �Scottie-Dog� sign on spinal film:
  92. Inability to pass NGT in an infant:
    Choanal Atresia
  93. Palpable, non-tender gallbladder (Courvoisier�s sign):
    Pancreatic CA
  94. Charcot�s triad (fever, chills, RUQ pain, jaundice):
    Ascending Cholangitis
  95. �Bird beak� deformity on x-ray:
    Achalasia or Sigmoid Volvulus
  96. Apple-core lesion on Barium Enema:
    Colon CA
  97. Lead pipe deformity (loss of normal haustral markings) on Barium Enema:
  98. Clue cells on wet-prep and positive Whiff test (amine odor):
    BV (Gardnerella vaginalis)
  99. �Strawberry� Cervix:
  100. Hyphae and buds on KOH Prep:
    Vaginal Candidiasis
  101. �String sign�/ Sign of Kantor (Stricture or Stenosis) on Barium Enema:
    Chron�s disease
  102. Chandelier Sign on pelvic/speculum exam (cervical motion tenderness):
  103. Koplik spots-grains of sand on an erythematous base (Blue-White buccal lesions):
    Measles/Rubeola (patho.)
  104. �Sandpaper� rash (like sunburn with goosebumps):
    Scarlet Fever
  105. �Strawberry tongue�:
    Scarlet Fever
  106. �Honey� golden crusts on face:
    Impetigo (Streptococcus Pyoderma)
  107. Gram-positive, encapsulated, box-shaped rods in chains:
    Cutaneous Anthrax
  108. �Rice-water� diarrhea (gray, turbid, and without odor, blood, or pus):
  109. �Pea-soup� Diarrhea:
    Enteric/Typhoid fever
  110. Hyperplastic prickle cells with excess keratin:
    HPV skin warts
  111. Koilocytotic squamous cells or vacuolated Squamous epithelial cells in clumps on Pap:
    HPV cervical warts
  112. Multinucleated giant cells on Tzanck Smear:
    Herpes Simplex Virus
  113. Intracytoplasmic inclusions (�owl�s eyes�) on tissue biopsy:
  114. �Pizza pie� (neovascularization with profliferation) on Fund:
  115. �Satellite lesions� on buttocks:
    Diaper dermatitis with candida
  116. �Bull�s eye� skin lesion:
    Erythema Migrans from Lyme Dz.
  117. �String of Pearls� on ovarian US:
  118. �Sack of grapes� or �grape-like vesicles� on TVU:
    Complete Hydatidiform Mole
  119. 5 Ps (purple, planar, polygonal, pruritic papule):
    Lichen Planus
  120. Lesions that have white lines (Wickham�s striae):
    Lichen Planus
  121. �Slapped cheek� syndrome:
    Parvovirus B19/ Fifth�s Dz/ Erythema Infecticosum
  122. Cobblestoning on colonoscopy:
    Crohn�s Disease
  123. Dance sign (no BS in RLQ):
  124. Rovsing sx (LLQ palpation produces RLQ pain):
  125. Aaron sx (McBurney�s point palpation causes stomach or chest pain):
  126. Gram (-) intracellular diplococci:
    Neisseria gonorrheae
  127. Chadwick sign (blue cervix):
  128. Hairlike cytoplasmic projections on lymphocytes:
    Hairy Cell Leukemia
  129. �Tea and Toast diet�:
    Folate Deficiency
  130. Perihilar infiltrates (�butterfly pattern�):
  131. �Floppy baby syndrome�:
  132. Rose spots after initial infection symptoms:
    Typhoid fever (and other Salmonella infections)
  133. (+) Widal agglutination test:
    Typhoid fever
  134. �Whirlpool� of intraluminal worms on KUB:
    Ascariasis (Ascaris Lumbricoides)
  135. Pear-shaped trophozoites with 2 nuclei and 4 flagella:
  136. Multiple ring-enhancing lesions on brain CT or MRI in HIV pt:
  137. (+) Heterophil antibodies (monospot):
  138. Negri bodies on brain tissue:
  139. Vesicular rash at different stages:
  140. Nikolsky�s Sign (manual pressure separates epidermis from the dermis):
    Pemphigus Vulgaris (or toxic epidermal necrolysis)
  141. Coral red fluorescence with Wood�s lamp:
  142. Bile stained eggs and proglottids in stool exam:
    Fish tapeworm
  143. Flagellated, curved, oxidase (+) gram (-) rods in stool:
    Campylobacter jejuni
  144. �Coin-shaped� or �Discoid� plaques with vesicles and papules:
    Nummular eczema
  145. Encapsulated organisms on India Ink:
    Cryptococcus neoformans
  146. �Fungus ball� on CXR:
    Aspergillus fumigatus PNA
  147. Umilicated papules:
    Molluscum Contagiosum
  148. Fruity breath:
  149. �Pill-rolling� tremor:
  150. �Moon facies and buffalo hump�:
  151. Spontaneous Hemarthroses:
  152. Triple Layered sputum:
  153. Cafe aulait spots and rubbery skin nodules:
  154. �Stuck on� waxy lesion:
    Seb. K
  155. (+) Scotch tape test:
  156. Anatomical Snuffbox tenderness:
    Scaphoid fx
  157. Spontaneous Hemarthroses:
  158. Distended neck veins, decreased BP, muffled heart sounds- Beck's Triad:
    Cardiac tamponade
  159. Double bubble sign on abd xray:
    Duodenal atresia in an infant
  160. Auspitz sign (pin point bleed on peeling of scab):
  161. �Onion skin" appearance on x-ray :
    Ewings sarcoma
  162. Rodent ulcer:
    Basal cell ca
  163. Prominent epicanthal folds, sandal toe, and simian creases:
    Downs Syndrome
  164. Heavy, painless vaginal bleeding in the 2nd or 3rd trimester:
    Placentia previa
  165. Heavy, painful vaginal bleeding in the 2nd or 3rd trimester:
    Placenta abruption
  166. Presence of a paratesticular nodule at the superior aspect of the testicle, with its characteristic blue-dot appearance (Blue-dot sign):
    testicular appendix torsion (patho.)
  167. Delta waves on EKG:
    Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
  168. Kerley B lines on CXR:
    CHF (or pulm. Fibrosis or carcinomatosis)
  169. �Ring of fire� on US:
    Ectopic Pregnancy
  170. Dinner fork deformity:
    Colle�s fx
  171. Tearing chest pain radiating to the back in a very tall male with long, slender hands/fingers:
    Marfan Syndrome � aortic dissection
  172. �Dew drops on a rose petal�:
    Chicken pox
  173. Drusen spots (hard yellow-white deposits in the macula under pigment epithelium):
    Macular Degeneration (nonexudative)
  174. Brushfield spots (on the iris):
    Down�s Syndrome
  175. Fund: Arteriolar constriction, flame hemorrhages, cotton wool spots, hard exudates:
    HTN Retinopathy
  176. Fund: Cotton wool spots, hemorrhages, microaneurysms, hard exudates, venous dilatation:
    Nonproliferative DM Retinopathy (early)
  177. Fund: Cotton wool spots, hemorrhages, microaneurysms, hard exudates, neovascularization:
    Proliferatvie DM Retinopathy (late)
  178. Negative Birefringent needle-shaped crystals (parallel and yellow):
  179. Positive Birefringent rhomboid-shaped crystals (Perpendicular and blue):
  180. �Sunburst� on bone x-ray:
  181. Bubbly lytic lesion on x-ray (�ground-glass�):
    Fibrous Dysplasia
  182. �Corkscrew� esophagus on barium swallow:
    Esophageal spasm
  183. Cullen and Grey-Turner sxs:
    Necrotizing Pancreatitis (also in ectopic)
  184. Sausage digits:
  185. �Shaggy� mucosa on barium swallow:
  186. Multiple, small, volcanic-shaped ulcers on barium swallow:
  187. Large, deep linear ulcers on barium swallow:
  188. Hazy/steamy cornea with a fixed, dilated pupil:
    Angle-closure glaucoma
  189. Bell-clapper deformity:
    Abnormal attachment of testis in the scrotum (risk factor for torsion)
  190. Prehn sign (pain relieved with elevation of scrotum):
  191. �Racoon eyes�:
    Orbital fx
  192. CSF oligoclonal bands:
  193. Lhermitte sign (electrical feeling down the back with neck flexion):
  194. Hemorrhagic necrosis of temporal lobes on CT:
    Herpetic encephalitis
  195. Intravenous inclusions/Pick bodies:
    Pick dz.
  196. Pellagra (diarrhea, dermatitis, dementia):
    Niacin def.
  197. Diffuse vacuolar changes of gray matter with reactive astrocytosis on cortical bx: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Dz.
  198. �Eggshell� pattern from calcified LNs on CXR:
  199. Low plasma rennin with increased 24 hour urine aldosterone:
  200. Dimple sx on ant. Medial surface of the knee:
    Posterolateral knee dislocation
  201. Yellow CSF from hemolysis (xanthochromia):
    Subarachnoid bleed
  202. Hanging teardrop sign (herniation of orbital fat into max. sinus):
    Orbital fx
  203. Open bomb-bay door sign (bone fragments in the sinus):
    Orbital fx
  204. Silver, copper-wiring and AV nicking on Fund.:
    HTN retinopathy
  205. Westmark sign (regional area of decreased pulm. Vascularity on CXR:
  206. Peripheral wedge-shaped consolidation/shadow on pleural surface (Hamptom hump):
  207. Shoulder sx (bulge of pyloric m. into the antrum):
    Pyloric Stenosis
  208. Kayser-Fleisher rings (green-yellow ring around cornea):
    Wilsons dz
  209. Synovial proliferation with pannus formation:
  210. Codman�s sign (peri-osteal elevation that forms an angle with the bone cortex):
  211. Bilious vomiting and abdominal distention in a newborn:
    Duodenal atresia
  212. A single or hypoechoic ring with a hyperechoic center (target/donut sign) on US: Intussusception
    • �Thumbprinting� of bowel:
    • Ischemia
  213. �Sentinel Loop� or �Colon cut-off sx� of gas pattern on KUB:
  214. Curschmann spirals (mucus casts in small airways):
  215. Signet Ring (thick bronchial walls) on CXR:
  216. Schaumann�s bodies and asteroid bodies:
  217. Virchow�s node (L supraclavicular LAD):
    Mets from GI tumor
  218. Anti-glomerular Basement membrane Abs with hematuria and hemoptysis:
    Good-Pasteur�s Syndrome (patho.)
  219. Honey-combing with calcified parietal pleural plaques:
  220. Kerley B lines:
  221. Pericardial Friction rub:
  222. �Water bottle� appearance of cardiac silhouette:
    Pericardial effusion
  223. Erythema Marginatum (�bathing suit distribution�):
    Rheumatic fever
  224. Murmur with wide pulse pressure:
    Aortic Insuff.
  225. Osborn wave aka. J wave (upward deflection of S wave):
    Hypothermia (patho.)
  226. �Diamond-shaped murmur� (crescendo-decrescendo) on precordial chest:
    Aortic Stenosis
  227. Mid-systolic click:
    Mitral Valve Prolapse
  228. Opening snap murmur:
    Mitral stenosis
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