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  1. what are the forms of insulin that are available iv?
    llispro and regular 
  2. which insulin has no peak?
    glargine insulin - so there is no chance of hypoglycemia 
  3. what is the MOA of insulin?
    binds to transmembrane receptor activating tyrosine kinase to phosphorylate tissue specific substrate 
  4. name ketoacids ?
    acetate(fruity smell) , acetoacetate . beta hydroxybutyrate
  5. what is the MOA of sulfonylureas ?
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  6. name the drugs that block and open ATP dependent potassium channels  ?
    • open - minoxidil and diazepoxide - cause hyperglycemia 
    • close - sulfonylureas - causes hypoglycemia
  7. why are metformins called as glucophage?
    because it causes the tissues to eat up glucose , because it causes increased sensitivity to insulin 
  8. what is the MOA of metformin?
    it increases tissue sensitivity to insulin and decreases hepatic gluconeogenesis
  9.  which hypoglycemic causes euglycemia?
    metformin - reduces postprandial hyperglycemia but doesnot cause  hypoglycemia
  10. name alpha glycosidases inhibitors ?
    acarbose and miglitol 
  11. name thiazolidinediones?
    pio and rosi glitazones 
  12. what is incretin ?
    they are released from small  intestine and increase the secretion of insulin by acting on beta cells. it is also called as GLP 
  13. name GLP?
  14. name the drugs acting on GLP?
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