Chapter 2 nursing assistant cna

  1. Until ------, training wasn't required by law. RNs gave -------- training
    1980s; on-the-job
  2. each------ has a nurse -------- ---
    state; practice; act
  3. Nurse practice act
    • defines RN and LPN/LVN, some define nursing assistant
    • describes the scope of practice for RNs, and LPN/LVN
    • describes education and licensing requirements for RNs and LPN/LVN
    • protects the public from ppl practicing nursing without a license
  4. OBRA abbreviation
    Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 
  5. OBRA applies to who?
    all 50 states
  6. purpose of OBRA
    improve the quality of life of nursing center residents 
  7. OBRA sets what?
    minimum training and competency evaluation requirements for nursing assistants
  8. each state must have ---------------- and -------- (NATCEP)
    Nursing assistant training; competency evaluation program
  9. Requirements of OBRA
    at least 75 hours of instruction and at least 16 hours of supervised practical training 
  10. state of ak requirements for cna
    classroom 60 hours and clinical 80 hours
  11. Areas of study in training program
    • communication
    • infection control 
    • safety and emergency problems
    • residents' rights
    • basic nursing skills
    • personal care skills
    • feeding methods
    • elimination procedures
    • skin care
    • transfering, positioning, and turning methods
    • dressing
    • helping the person walk
    • range-of-motion exercises
    • signs and symptoms of common diseases
    • how to care for cognitively impaired ppl
  12. competency evaluation test
    written test consists of multiple choice questions 
  13. Nursing assistant registry
    OBRA requires a nursing assistant registry in each state
  14. What does the registry have on each nursing assistant
    • full name, including maiden name and any married names
    • last known home address
    • registration number and expiration date
    • date of birth
    • last known employer, date hired, adn date employment ended
    • date the competency evaluation was passed
    • info about findings of abuse, neglect, or dishonest use of property 
  15. scope of practice
    must understand what you can do, what you can't do, and the legal limits of your role
  16. Superviser of CNA work
    licensed nurses
  17. Delegate definition
    • authorize another person to perform a nursing task in a certain situation 
    • the person must be competent to perform a task in a given situation 
  18. Who can delegate?
    RNs and LPNs can only delegate tasks within their scope of practice 
  19. Can CNAs delegate?
    no cna's can't delegate, but can ask someone to help you
  20. 5 rights of delegation
    the right task, the right circumstances, the right person, the right directions and communication, and the right supervision
  21. accepting a task
    •  you must complete the task safely
    • ask for help when you are unsure or have questions about a task
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