Chapter 1: intro to health agencies CNA

  1. Primary nurse
    a nursing care pattern, an RN is responsible for the person's total care
  2. Registered nurse (RN)
    a nurse who has completed a 2, 3, 4 year nursing program and has passed a licensing test
  3. team nursing
    a nursing care pattern, a team of nursing staff is led by an RA who decides the amount and kind of care each person needs
  4. terminal illness
    an illness or injury for which there is no reasonable expectation of recovery
  5. Purpose of health promotion
    to reduce the risk of illnesses 
  6. Disease prevention purpose
    measures are taken to reduce risk factors and prevent disease
  7. goal of rehabilitation and restorative care
    to return persons to their highest possible level of physical and mental functioning and to independence
  8. Independence definition
    not relying on or requiring care from others
  9. acute illness
    a sudden illness from which the person is expected to recover
  10. chronic illness
    an ongoing illness that is slow or gradual in onset
  11. terminal illness
    illness or injury for which there is no reasonable expectation of recovery 
  12. Rehab, restorative care purpose
    return patient to highest possible functioning
  13. assisted living residence
    no wound care or treatment
  14. What does assisted living residence provide?
    housing, personal care, support services, health care, and social activities in a home-like setting 
  15. Assisted living residence meals
    3 meals and a snack
  16. Who are mental health centers for?
    people with mental illnesses or others who present dangers to themselves or others because of how they think and behave
  17. Home care agencies definition
    a wide range of services are provided to ppl where they live
  18. Services of home care agencies
    health training, supervision to bedside nursing care, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and food services 
  19. hospice definition
    a health care agency or program for people who are dying
  20. Focus in a hospice
    comfort not cure
  21. Needs met at hospice
    physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs
  22. Health care system definition
    usually has hospitals, nursing centers, home care agencies, hospice settings, and doctors' offices 
  23. board of trustees
    a governing body of an agency
  24. task of board of trustees
    • -makes policies
    • - makes sure that safe care is given at the lowest possible cost
  25. type of rules followed by board of trustees
    local, state, and federal rules
  26. Administrator
    manages the agency
  27. Directors or department heads
    manage certain areas of the agency
  28. health team
    involves the many health care workers whose skills and knowledge focus on the person's total care 
  29. goal- health team
    to provide quality care 
  30. focus of their care-health care
    the person 
  31. Private insurance
    • - is bought by individuals and families 
    • - insurance company pays for some or all health care costs
  32. Group insurance 
    • bought by groups or organizations for individuals
    • often an employee benefit
  33. Medicare
    • people 65 yrs of age or older
    • some younger ppl with certain disabilities are covered
    • also these ppl can't take of themselves
  34. Medicaid
    for people without insurance, without money, and can't take of themselves
  35. Standards of licensure for an agency
    • license is issued by the state
    • agency must have license to operate and provide care
  36. standard of certification for agency
    certification is required to receive Medicare and Medicaid funds
  37. Standard for accreditation agency
    • this is voluntary
    • it signals quality and excellence
  38. reason for surveys 
    done to see if agency meets set standards
  39. What does survey team do?
    • review policies and procedures
    • review medical records
    • interview staff, patients and residents, and families
    • observe how care is given
    • observe if dignity and privacy are promoted
    • check for cleanliness and safety
    • review budgets and finances
    • make sure the staff meets state requirements 
  40. CNA roles during survey process
    • provide quality care
    • protect the person's rights
    • provide for the person's and your own safety
    • help keep the agency clean and safe
    • conduct yourself in a professional manner
    • have good work ethics
    • follow agency policies and procedures
    • answer questions honestly and completely 
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Chapter 1: intro to health agencies CNA
Chapter 1: intro to health agencies CNA