Psychologe exam

  1. Cognition
    Mental activities involved in acquiring,storing,retrieving,and using knowledge.
  2. mental images
    mental rep. of a previously stored sensory exp., including,visual,auditory,olfactory,tactile.
  3. Concept
    Mental rep. of a group or category.
  4. Prototype
    representation of the best or most typical example of a category.
  5. Artifical concepts
    formed by logical,specific rules or characteristics.
  6. Natural concepts
    formed by experience in everyday life.
  7. Hiearchy
    when we use the middle,basic lavel concepts when first learning material.
  8. Problem solving three stages
    • Preparation
    • production
    • evaluation
  9. During preparation stage we:
    Identify given facts, separate relevant from irrelevant facts, and define the ultimate goal.
  10. During production stage we:
  11. we generate hypotheses by
    algorithms and heuristics
  12. Algorithm
    a set of steps that, if followed correctly, will eventually solve the equation.
  13. heuristics
    strategies, or simple rules,used in problem solving and decision making that do not guarantee a solution but offer a likely shortcut to it.
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