1. What is a case series study?
    Collection of detailed informtaion about people who are all believed to have the same disease or condition. There is no control group of nondiseased people in the sample.
  2. What are the sensations of a panic attack?
    What are treatment options?
    Dizziness, fear of going crazy, feelings of unreality, chills, abdominal distress, palpitations, SOB, & trembling or shaking.

    Alprazolam, clonazepam, imipramine
  3. What is delusional disorder?
    • One sole fixed and unshakable delusion.
    • Delusion is non-bizarre and has to be present for at least a month.
    • Functioning is not markedly impaired in other areas of life.
  4. What characterizes anti-social behavior?
    • Inability to conform to social norms (delinquency, theft, etc.)
    • cannot hold a stable job
    • prone to violence and crime
  5. What are the characteristics of boderline personality disorder?
    • very unstable affect, behavior and self-image
    • self-detrimental imuplsivity
    • unstable but intense interpersonal relationships: very dependent and hostile
    • Defenses: splitting, passive aggressive behavior
  6. HOw do you calculate relative risk?
    10.7 for 1 group and 5.7 for another group in the production of errors
    Relative risk = 10.7/5/7 = 1.88
  7. What are some of the things a 2 year old should be able to do?
    • can hold a blanket (transition object)
    • shows stubbornness, independence, a high activity level
    • can wal backwards, stand on tip toes
    • use 1-2 word sentences with pronunciation that only a parent can understand
  8. If mean > median how will the curve look like.
    Image Upload 1Positive skew
  9. When do children begin to play cooperatively?
    At the age of 4
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