Faith of Our Founding Fathers

  1. what is secularism?
    Exclusion of religion and religious considerations
  2. Name two men who saw the wisdom of educating the masses?
    John Calvin and Martin Luther
  3. who is known as the father of public education?
    Horace Mann
  4. Who is associated with with progressive education?
    John Dewey
  5. what document is considered by some as the Charter of our nation?
    Declaration of Independence
  6. What document link the states loosely together in a firm league of leadership?
    Articles of Confederation
  7. List the defects of the Articles of Confederation?
    Provided for no chief executive, no judiciary, no power of enforcement, no power of taxation, no power of regulate commerce, no workable ammendment process
  8. Who is called the Father of the Confederation?
    Benjamin Franklin
  9. Name the two legal mentors of the men who were at the Convention?
    John Locke and Charles de Montesquieu
  10. Who took notes on everything that was said during the Convention even though he was not the official secretary?
    William Jackson
  11. Who was given the task of the final wording of the Constitution?
    Gouverneur Morris
  12. What three men were behind the writing of the Federalist?
    Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Madison
  13. What four men who dealt with the law influenced in some way the Founding Fathers?
    Samuel Rutherford, John witherspoon, John locke, William Blackstone.
  14. what did Blackstone argue is the basis for the right to hold private property? 
    the cultural mandate given to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1
  15. which Founding Father had one of the keenest legal minds in America at the time?
    John Adams
  16. What common factor do all the original thirteen state constitutions share?
    Refer to Almighty God as the Author of liberty, mention dependence on His providence oto sustatin them as a free people.
  17. What was the first act of Congress?
    Authorized printing of 20000 Bibles for the indians
  18. what description was given to Franklin in his day?
    the Illustrious and benevolent citizen of the world
  19. what did Harry Lee say of Washington?
    First in war, First in peace, First in the hearts of his countrymen
  20. List the five men discussed in chapter nine?
    James Madison, Gouverneur Morris, George Mason, Roger Sherman, Alexander Hamilton
  21. "Remember, all ___ has its roots in someon'es ___.
    Morality, Religion
  22. "God's Word, contained in the Bible, has furnished all necessary ___ to direct our ___."
    Rules, Conduct
  23. "All ___ is based on something, either ___ principles or ___."
    Law, Man's, God's
  24. "if men were ___, no ___ would be necessary." -
    Angels, Government, James Madison
  25. What was the first item Madison considered in his Bill of Rights?
    Religious Freedom
  26. What was Madison's most lasting contribution to America?
    Service to Continental Congress, served as secretary
  27. For what two things is Gouverneur Morris remembered?
    Man spoke greatest amount of times during convention debates. (173) Author of final draft of Constitution.
  28. How did John Adams describe Roger Sherman?
    Old Puritan as honest as an angel, and as firm in the cause of American Independence as Mount. Atlas.
  29. What nation holiday did Sherman help institute?
  30. What signer was influenced by John Witherspoon besides James Madison?
    Gunning Bedford
  31. What compromise was John Dickinson the first to advocate?
    Granted large and small states equal representation in Senate and proportionanal representation in the House.
  32. John Langdon was the first citizen of significant means to do what with his wealth?
    Supplied arms and money to the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War
  33. Which founder studied at Oxford in England under Sir William Blackstone?
    Charles C. Pinckney
  34. George Read is considered the father of what?
  35. 3 Bible passages that show God originated government
    Genesis 8-9, Romans 13:1-6, 1 Timothy 2:1-5
  36. "___ have gradually become more important than ___."
    Rights, Responsibilites
  37. Which founder was "determined that the new national legislature represent and protect property?"
    Pierce Butler
  38. Which founder was in favor of his state giving land for the new capital and was one of the only two Roman Catholics?
    Daniel Caroll
  39. Who was the youngest of the Framers?
    Johnathan Dayton
  40. Which is given credit as being one of the three men who constructed our government?
    John Rutledge
  41. "No one in that Philadelphia meeting spoke more forcefully for the Bill of Rights than did" who?
    Eldridge Gerry
  42. Which delegate provided the only personal evaluations by an insider by way of sketches?
    William Pierce
  43. Who became the first United States attorney general under George Washington?
    Edmund Jennings Randolph
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