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  1. Superior Court Rule 7
  2. Practice & Proc in Superior Ct. goverened by SupCtRs,
    & where not inconsistent, by:LRCi, FRCP, FRE & FRCrP
  3. Fed Ct. Interp of Local Statutes
    ►VI Supreme Court not bound by prior federal interp.

    ►Precedential until VISCt addresses matter
  4. Substantial Deference
  5. Subject Matter Jurisdiction
    SMJ: nonwaivable

    Ct must dismiss if no SMJ – whenever raised

    Ct May raise Sua Sponte
  6. VI Superior Court(fka Territorial Ct.)
    = State Trial Ct

    Jd:  Local Civil & Criminal Matters
  7. Writ of Review
  8. Aggrieved person may seek Superior Ct. review of decision of a board, commission, Authority or tribunal 30 day time limit (SUP Ct. R 15(a))
  9. Writ of ReviewTime Limits
    R.15(a) 30 day time limit procedural ;

    Court may change/relaxDOL 30 day time limit is a SOL; Ct cannot change
  10. Writ of Review
    Attorney Certification
    FRCP 11 applicable to Sup Ct.

    Atty failure to file Rule 15(a) certificate will not bar petition in light of FRCP11(b) signing & verification requirement
  11. Removal
    To Fed’l Court
    ▲may remove civil action from SupCt to DCt if DCt has original jurisdiction

    Procedure: File Notice of Removal w/in 30 days of service.

    Unanimous Consent of ▲s required
  12. Removal:   Diversity Jd 
  13. may not Remove based on diversity Jd > 1 yr after commencement of action
  14. Removal:

    Not initially Removable
  15. If not initially removable, 30 days after served Amended Pleading or “Other Paper”(eg. ₱’s demand letter for > $100m)
  16. Removal

    Fraudulent Joinder
  17. ₱’s may not defeat diversity via fraudulent joinder: party sought to be joined has not real connex to case
  18. Superior Court

    Small Claims Div

    Civil Matters< $10M excluding interests & costs₱ may waive excess to stay in SmClCtNo Attys
  19. Superior Court  

    Magistrate Div
    • Warrants
    • Small Claims
    • FED
    • Probate
    • Marriages
    • Misdemeanor Traffic & Crim’l < 6mos
  20. Superior Court

    Magistrate Div
    10 daysReconsideration by Magistrate or

    Sup. Ct. Judge Appeal: final Order or J of Magistrate.

    Sua Sponte review OK
  21. Superior CourtMagistrate Div

    FED Action
    FED: Summary action

    Sole remedy: Restitution of premises to LL.

    Counterclaims 3dparty complaints strictly prohibited
  22. Superior Court

    Magistrate Div

    Criminal Matters
    Priority to review in criminal matters

    Expedited reviewsof challenges to pre-trial detentions or bail decisions and motions for release
  23. Superior CourtMagistrate Div

    Trial By consent
  24. W/parties consent & Presiding Judge approval,
    magistrate may conduct jury or non-jury civil trial & enter judgmentAppeal decision to Supreme Ct..
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