Energy Transfer

  1. What is radiation?
    Radiation is the transfer of energy in wave form.
  2. What is infrared radiation?
    Infrared radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It travels in waves. It is sometimes called heat radiation.
  3. What are the characteristics of radiant energy?
    • 1. Travels as waves.
    • 2. Can be absorbed or reflected.
    • 3. Travel across empty space at 300000 km/s
  4. What is conduction?
    Conduction is the transfer of energy through direct collisions of particles.
  5. What are insulators?
    Insulators are materials that are poor conductors of energy. There are particles are further apart resulting in fewer or less efficient collisions.
  6. What is convection?
    Convection is the transfer of energy by moving fluids. The energy is moved from hot (less dense) to cool (more dense) areas.
  7. What is transformation of energy?
    Transformation of energy occurs when one form of energy, heat, is changed to a different form of energy, mechanical (moving machines). Some energy is lost to the environment during a transformation)
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