US History

  1. After theĀ  attack on Fort Sumner, President Lincoln called for states to send a total of _______ militia to put down the rebellion.
  2. Virginia and north Carolina seceded after Fort Sumner. Name two other southern states that also left the Union at that time.
    Tennessee & Arkansas
  3. Name the battle fought in Missouri on August 10, 1861.
    Wilson Creek
  4. Name the "new state" that entered the Union in 1863.
    West Virginia
  5. Name the battle fought in New Mexico on February 21, 1862.
  6. The ________ was a military unit containing 100 men.
  7. Name the French military officer who invented the deadlybullet that was widely used in the Civil War.
    Captain Claude Minie'
  8. In what year was the Bank of the United States re-chartered by Congress?
  9. Name the monarch of France during the Civil War (Name and roman numeral required for full credit)
    Napoleon III
  10. Name the US navy vessel involved in the Trent Affair.
    USS San Jacinto
  11. Name the US navy vessel involved in a sea battle with CSS Alabama off the coast of Cherbourg France in 1864
    USS Kearsarge
  12. What is the other name for the USS Merrimac?
    CSS Virginia
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