Ch 13 Vocab

  1. Abet
    to encourage, assist, aid, support.
  2. aver
    to affirm, declare confidently
  3. blatent
    noisy in a coarse, offensive way, egregious
  4. broach
    to bring up or begin to talk about, to announce, introduce
  5. buttress
    to support, prop up, strengthen
  6. Carousal
    noisy revelry or merrymaking, binge
  7. Collate
    to compare critically in order to note differences, similarities...;Sort out
  8. connoisseur
    an expert
  9. Disconsolate
    deeply unhappy or dejected
  10. encumber
    to weigh down or burden (with difficulties, cares, debt..)
  11. foment
    to promote trouble or rebellion
  12. grisly
    frightful, horrible, ghastly
  13. Herculean
    Characterized by great strength.
  14. impassive
    showing no feeling or emotion
  15. inauspicious
    unfavorable, unlucky
  16. incontrovertible
    unquestionable, beyond dispute
  17. nonplussed
    puzzled, not knowing what to do.
  18. opportune
    suitable or convenient for a particular purpose, timely
  19. prolific
    abundantly productive, fruitful
  20. rejoinder
    answer, response, retort
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