Final Exam

  1. Social Clock
    Developmental timetable based on social norms which sets the stages of life and behaviors considered appropriate to them. EX: Appropriate Age for voting drinking smoking
  2. Midlife Crisis
    Begin to make changes in self. thinks about time left in career, life and what they want to do with the rest of their lives.
  3. Big Five "Trait Theory" O.C.E.A.N.
    • Openness: Imaginative,curious,artistic, creative, open to new experiances.
    • Conscientious:Organized,deliberate,conforming,self disciplined.
    • Extroversion: Outgoing,assertive,active.
    • Agreeable: Kind, helpful,easy going, generous
    • Neuroticism: Anxious,moody,self punishing,critical
  4. Gender Convergance:
    Tendancy for men and women to become more similar as they move through middle age. Blurring  of sex roles, express similar attitudes.
  5. Marital Success
    Adults seek committed sexual partnership to help meet their needs for intimacy. Less than 15% of U.S. marry before 25 and at 40, 85% have married.
  6. Divorce
    1 out of 2 marriages ends in divorce. Reduces income/severs friendship weakens family ties.
  7. Generativity (Mentor) Stagnation
    Stage after intamacy VS Isolation, When adults seek to be productive in a caring way. EX: Creativity or Caregiving
  8. Kinkeeper
    Caregiver who takes responsibility for maintaining communication among family memebers. Usually oldest daughter.
  9. Sandwich Generation
    • Generation of middle aged people who are supposedly "squezzed" by the needs of the younger and older members of their family.
    • Feels pressured not burdened
  10. Extrinisic Rewards of Work
    • Tangeable benefits in the form of compensation that one recieves in job.
    • Salary, health-insurance, pension
  11. Intrinsic Rewards "job Satisfaction"
    • Intangeable Gratification, that come from oneself as a result of doing a job.
    • self esteem, pride
  12. Stressor
    Situation, event, experiance or stimulus that causes you to feel stressed.
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