A&P1 Ch. 2

  1. What are the 3 parts of the cytoskellaton?
    • 1. Actin subunit
    • 2. Intermediate filaments
    • 3. Microbubules
  2. Tight Junction
    Impermeable junction prevent molecules from passing through the intercellular space.
  3. Desmosomes
    Anchoring juctions bind adjecent cells together by connecting the cytoskeleton
  4. Gap Junctions
    Communicating junctions allow ions and small molecules to pass from one cell to the next. allows communication
  5. Isotonic solution cause what kind of blood cell?
  6. Hypertonic solution will cause what type of blood cell?
    Shrink (Crination)

    Explaination: The solution has more molecules and less water so the water is taken out of the cell by osmosis
  7. What will happen in a Hypotonic solution?
    Bloated and could burst (lyse)

    Explaination: The solution has less solutes and more water. The water will move towards the higher concentration of solutes in the cell, making it larger.
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