The SAT Hot Prospects Word List Part 1

  1. Abate
    • [uh-beyt] v. subside; decrease, lessen.
    • abatement, n.
    • Rather than leaving immediately, they waited for the storm to abate.
  2. Accolade
    • [ak-uh-leyd] n. award of merit.
    • In Hollywood, an "Oscar" is the highest accolade.
  3. Acquiesce
    [ak-wee-es] v. assent; agree without protesting.
  4. Acrid
    • [ak-rid] adj. sharp; bitterly pungent.
    • Pungent-sharply affecting the organs of taste or smell.
  5. Acrimony
    • [ak-ruh-moh-nee] n. bitter in words or manner.
    • acrimonious, adj.
  6. Aggregate(V)
    • v. gatherl accumulate.
    • aggregation, n.
  7. Amorphous
    [uh-mawr-fuhs] adj. formless; lacking shape or definition.
  8. Anachronistic
    • [uh-nak-ruh-nis-tik] adj. something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time;
    • having an error involving time in a story.
    • anachronism, n.
  9. Anomaly
    • [uh-nom-uh-lee] n. irregularity; a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form.
    • A bird that can not fly is an anomaly.
  10. Antediluvian
    [an-tee-di-loo-vee-uhn] adj. antiquated; extremely ancient; of or belonging to the period before the Flood.
  11. Antipathy
    [an-tip-uh-thee] n. aversion; dislike.
  12. Apocryphal
    [uh-pok-ruh-fuhl] adj. untrue; made up.
  13. Arable
    [ar-uh-buhl] adj. fit for growing crops.
  14. Ardent
    • [ahr-dnt] adj. intense; passionate; zealous.
    • ardor, n.
  15. Assiduous
    • [uh-sij-oo-uhs] adj. diligent.
    • assiduity, n.
  16. Assuage
    [uh-sweyj] v. ease or lessen(pain); satisfy(hunger); soothe(anger).
  17. Atrophy
    • [a-truh-fee] v. waste away.
    • After 3 months in a cast, your calf muscles are bound to atrophy.
  18. Audacious
    • [aw-dey-shuhs] adj. daring; bold.
    • audacity, n.
  19. Avarice
    [av-er-is] n. greediness for wealth.
  20. Avert
    • [uh-vurt] v. prevent; turn away.
    • She averted her eyes from the dead cat on the highway.
  21. Beguile
    [bih-gahyl] v. mislead or delude; pass time.
  22. Bequeath
    • [bih-kweeth] v. leave to someone by a will; hand down.
    • bequest, n.
  23. Bleak
    [bleek] adj. cold or cheerless; unlikely to be favorable.
  24. Blighted
    [blahyt] adj. suffering from a disease; destroyed.
  25. Bombastic
    • [bom-bas-tik] adj. pompous; using inflated language.
    • bombast, n.
  26. Buttress
    [buh-tris] v. support; prop up.
  27. Cacophonous
    • [kuh-kof-uh-nuhs] adj. discordant; inharmonious.
    • cacophony, n.
  28. Carping
    • [kahr-ping] adj. finding fault.
    • carp, v.
  29. Certitude
    [sur-ti-tood] n. certainty.
  30. Charlatan
    [shahr-luh-tn] n. quack; pretender to knowledge.
  31. Circumlocution
    [sur-kuhm-loh-kyoo-shuhn] n. a roundabout or indirect way of speaking;
  32. Cliché
    [klee-shey] n. phrase dulled in meaning by repetition.
  33. Coalesce
    [koh-uh-les] v. combine; fuse.
  34. Colloquial
    [kuh-loh-kwee-uhl] adj. pertaining to conversational or common speech.
  35. Combustible
    [kuhm-buhs-tuh-buhl]adj. easily burned.
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