APUSH- Ch.1 Vocab

  1. Henry VIII
    English king who created the Church of England after the Pope refused to annul his marriage (divorce with Church approval)
  2. Elizabeth I
    Queen of England who reestablished Protestantism as the state religion of England and who led the defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  3. Sir Francis Drake
    English sailor who was hired by queen Elizibeth to raid spanish ships and was later knighted for his efforts, also helped defeat the Spanish Armada.
  4. Sir Walter Raleigh
    Founded colony at roanoake ilsand which later became the "lost colony"
  5. primogeniture
    system under which only the eldest son could inherit his father's property, forced other sons to come to the New World in search of wealth.
  6.  joint-stock company
    An association of individuals in a business enterprise with transferable shares of stock, much like a corporation except that stockholders are liable for the debts of the business. They helped finance colonization in America.
  7.  Virginia Company
    Joint-Stock Company in London that received a charter for land in the new world.
  8.  John Smith
    Helped found and govern Jamestown. His leadership and strict discipline helped the Virginia colony get through the difficult first winter
  9.  “starving time”
    The harsh winter of Jamestown between [1609-1610] when there was no food, leaving the settlers to eat anything they could find (cannibalism, dogs, snakes)
  10.  John Rolfe
    Englishmen who married Pocahontas and began the planting of tobacco in Jamestown
  11. House of Burgesses
    Elected assembly in colonial Virginia, created in 1618.
  12. Indentured servants
    someone who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to North America
  13. Barbados Slave Code
    The harsh system of laws governing African labor, first developed in barbados in 1661 and later officially adopted by South Carolina in 1696
  14. Oliver Cromwell
    Lord Protector of England for much of the 1650s, ruling in place of the country's traditional monarchy
  15. Lords Proprietors
  16. Charles Town
    The busiest seaport in the south named after the king, and capital of South Carolina. Was characterized by its aristocratic flavor and religious tolerance.
  17. squatters
    One who settles on land without permission or right.
  18. buffer
    a protective zone between two countries
  19. George II
    Became king of England in 1727, the 13th colony (Georgia) was named after him
  20. James Oglethorpe
    founder of Georgia in 1733; soldier, statesman , philanthropist. Started Georgia as a haven for people in debt because of his interest in prison reform. Almost single-handedly kept Georgia afloat.
  21. charter
    a written document from the king granting land and the authority to set up colonies and colonial government
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