1. What are the 2 systems responsible for Homestasis?
    • Nervous System
    • Endocrensystem
  2. What are the compartments of the CNS(Central Nervous System)
    Spinal Cord and Brain
  3. What is a tract and what is a Nerve
    • Tract-Bunch or bundle of Axons in CNS
    • Nerve-Bundle of axons in the PNS(Peripheral Nervous System)
  4. What is the Strongest and faster electrical signal that travels along the axons
    Action potential
  5. whats the insulating material on the nerve
    myelin sheath
  6. What are the breaks in the Myelin Sheath Called
    Neurofibril node or Node of Ranvier
  7. where on the neuron is the nucleus located
    The Cell Body
  8. Which real cell or neuron lies between neuron and capillaries to form part of the blood brain barrier
  9. What is the normal average resting membrane potential

    In oder to get it to it's treshold you need it to reach -55mv
  10. what is the trigger zone
    it's part of the that fires an action potential
  11. where do weak impulse signals go into
  12. how does a weak signal move
    Weak signals enter through EPSP through trigger zone
  13. what is it called when you go from -55mv to -70mv
  14. What is it called when going from -70mv to -55mv
  15. What is the process called when action potential jump from node to node
    saltatory conduction
  16. Which conduction is faster Continuous or Saltatory
  17. During Saltatory conduction you have depolarization from
    Node of Ranvier to Node of Ranvier
  18. The Neurotransmitter that open the doors for sodium creates what
  19. Myelin Sheath
    Creates insulation of signal
  20. Where does the spinal chord end
  21. The Cerebral Spinal fluid made...
    Choroid plexus
  22. What lies deep to the cortex
    White Matter of the cerebrum
  23. Which tract relays pain and pleasure, temperature
    Lat spinalphalamic tract
  24. How does CSF travel
    chornoid plexus>Lat Vent>3rd vent>cerebral aqueduct>4th Vent>Central canal>Subacrachnoid space>Arachnoid villi
  25. Hollow cavities in the brain
  26. what is the structure that absorbs CSF back into the blood
    Arachnoid villi
  27. What are the ligaments that support the spinal chord laterally
    denticulate ligament
  28. what is the fascia structure that covers a single nerve fiber/cell that is an extension of the
  29. Epineurium
    Covers the Nerve
  30. perineurium
    Covers the fascicle
  31. how many pairs of cervical nerves do we have
  32. in the canal what is the bundle of nerves after L2
     cauda equina (horses tail)
  33. which receptor deals with excessive tension or excessive contraction
    Golgi tendon organ
  34. simple spinal reflex has 5 parts
    Receptor>Sensory or afferent neuron>Intergration Center>Motor or efferent neuron>Effector(e.g. skeletal Muscle)
  35. Flexor reflex
    either extrasegmental or polysegmental
  36. flexor withdrawal
    extrasegmental or polysegmental
  37. Cervical Plexus
  38. Musculocutaneous nerve (C5-C7)
    passes into the arm by piercing the coracobrachialis muscle

    Any "bronchial" nerve except Tricep and brachialradialis
  39. Brachial plexus
  40. Lumbar Plexus
  41. Sacral Plexus
  42. Sciatic Nerve
    Hamstrings. Made up of 2 major nerves.  Tibial and femoral
  43. Inferior Gluteal Nerve innervates
    Gluteus Maximus
  44. Axillary nerve innervates
    Abduction (Deltoid)
  45. DR CUMA
    • D rop wrist
    • R adial Nerve
    • C law Hand
    • U lna Nerve
    • M edial Nerve
    • A pe Hand
  46. Femoral Nerve
    Flexors and Knee Extensions
  47. Obturator nerve
    Supplies the adductor muscles of the thigh and skin over the medial aspect of the thigh
  48. Carpal Tunnel sysdrome show symptoms in which digits
    thumb and lateral 2 and a half fingers
  49. Diaphram Nerve
    phrenic nerve
  50. Tibial Nerve
    passes down the posterior aspect of the calf and supplies the muscles of the posterior compartment (gastrocnemius, plataris, soleus, popliteus, tibialis posterior, flexor digitorum longus and flexor hallicus longus.
  51. Deep peroneal nerve
    supplies the muscles of the anterior compartment of the leg (tibialis anterior, extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, and peroneus tertius
  52. Fasciculus cuneatus and fasciculus gracilis is responsible for
    Discriminative touch, vibration, proprioception, sterognosis and weight discrimination
  53. when you give massage what part are you stimulating
    Sensory receptors and neurons
  54. when giving a massage what part of the spinal chord will the signal travel
    Posterior column: fasciculus Cuneatus and fasciculus gracilis
  55. Doramotor between ocipital lob and cerebelum
  56. Network of capillaries that make CSF
    Choroid Plexus
  57. Tectum
    located on the posterior portion of the midbrain
  58. Substantia Nigra
    • 1. Plays a major role in motor control
    • 2. Cells contain neuromelanin that gives the nucleus a dark color
    • 3. Cells of the substantia nigra produce dopamine and release it into the basal ganglia of the cerebrum
  59. 3 parts of the brainstem
    Medulla, Pones and Midbrain
  60. Parts of the brachial plexus
    • Real trucker drink cold beer
    • Root trunks divisions chords branches
  61. inferior cerebellar peduncle (input and output)
    connects cerebellum to medulla
  62. Middle cerebellar peduncle (input
    connects cerebellum to the pons
  63. superior cerebellar peducle (output)
    connects the cerebellum to the midbrain
  64. what 3 cranial nerves help move the eyeball
    ocular motor, abducens, trochlear  (OAT)
  65. what nerve is activated when a loud noise happens and you turn to it
    CN 8 inferior coliculi
  66. 4 main structures (nuclii) of midbrain
    Red, Black and twins in back

    Red Nucleus, Substania nigra, corpora quadrigemina
  67. utricle and saccule
    Two sacs that give us the sense of static equilibrium
  68. parametal dicasation...
    Medulla. Cross at medulla
  69. breathing center of the brain
    MRC-medullay rhythinicity center
  70. spinal accessory nerve and spinoaccessory
    innervation to the scm and traps
  71. what part of the brain is the most regulator of homeostasis
  72. cutaneous receptors
  73. Cerebrellum
    balance, posture, muscle tone
  74. corposcolosum
    commisural fibers
  75. sersory input that does not go thru the thalamus goes right to the
    ofactory, sense of smell
  76. emotional part of the brain
  77. diencephalon
    the thalamus, the subthalamus, the hypothalamus and the epithalamus
  78. relays symaticsensory
  79. Parts of the brachial plexus
    Real truckers drink cold beer

    Roots trunks divisions Chords branches
  80. distorted map of a man in the brain
  81. what do you call a shallow depression in the cerebrum
  82. What gyras functions at the progress symatalsensory cortex
    Posterior central gyras
  83. which two lobes does the central sulcus seperate
    parietal and frontal
  84. Some common referred pain
    • Right Shoulder: Liver/Gall Bladder
    • Left Shoulder: Lung/Diaphragm
    • Between Scapulas: Stomach
    • Lower right quadrant: Appendix
    • Flanks: Kidneys
  85. Which hemisphere is dominate in emotion, creativity, insight and imagination

    Left = Logic and Language
  86. Proprioceptors
    Body Postion and Movement
  87. Damage to the posterior column of the spinal chord=
    sematicSensory function. Touch etc...
  88. Which is the written/spoken language part of the brain that is bigger in women
    Wernicke's area
  89. which lobe has the primary visual area
  90. which cranial nerves does mostly all fascial muscles
    fascial nerve CN7
  91. Nerves for taste
    CN 7,9,10
  92. 4 parasympatic cranial nerves
    CN 3,7,9,10
  93. Cranial nerves for vision
    CN 2, Optic Nerve
  94. Which nuclei is for equilibrium and Balance
  95. 2 CN involved with regulating autonomic function e.g. blood pressure.  blood and breathing rates
    CN 9,10
  96. vesibule organs for dynamic equilibrium
    semicirculat canals
  97. Uticle and saccule
    Two scas that give us the sense of static equilibrium
  98. which receptors respond to painful stimuli
  99. CN 6
    Abducens nerve
  100. Mnemonics for the nerves
    Oh, Oh, Oh, To Touch And Feel Virgin Girls Vagina, And Hooters
  101. Mnemonics for the type of nerve
    Some Say Mind Matters, But My Brother Says Big Boobs Matter More
  102. Eyes are innervated by
    CN 3
  103. what do you lose with injury to CN8
    Balance and hearing, vertigo
  104. what type of reciptors respond to changes of ions in the blood
  105. what are the vision receptors called
    Rods and cones
  106. sensory visceral use what part of the ANS
    general visceral affent
  107. ANS the preganglionic sypathetic neurons synapse with
    Many pregangtlionic neurons
  108. which structures Cells or tissues only receive sympathetic innervations
    fat cells, sweat cells
  109. which part stimulates salviation, urination defication
  110. what is meant when an organ is dualy innervated
    it receives both sympathetic and parasympthetic nerves
  111. which is response is innetiated sympathetic nervouse system
    increased heart rate, dialated bronchials, increased blood flow through visceral
  112. which is directly innerviated by sympathetic nervous system
    adrenal medulla
  113. Stereognosis
    is the ability to perceive and recognize the form of an object using cues from texture, size, spatial properties, and temperature
  114. which type of pain is sharp, fast
  115. What type of axon is affiliated with acute pain
  116. A male complains of chest pain and left arm pain what might it indicate
  117. Pain where there was a amputation
    phantom pain
  118. when too much CSF collects in the brain it is call
  119. what structure is damaged in parkensins disease
    substantia nigra
  120. which receptors receive pain
  121. massage applied to skin primarily stimulates
    cuteanious (skin receptors)
  122. Massage applied to skin stimulates what nerve
    symatic afferent
  123. deep pressure massage reduces pain according to what theory
    gate theory of pain
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