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  1. abduction
    movement away from the body
  2. accommodation
    adjustment of the eye to distance
  3. adduction
    movement toward the body
  4. adventitious sounds
    breath sounds that are not normal
  5. angina pectoris
    chest pain
  6. ankylosis
    fixations of an joint
  7. anterior
  8. aphasia
    language functions is absent or severely impaired
  9. apical
    top portions of an organ (heart)
  10. apnea
    absence of breathing
  11. areola
    dark pigmented area around the nipple
  12. ascites
    fluid in the abdomen
  13. ataxia
    can't coordinate muscle movement
  14. atherosclerosis
    plaque in the arterial wall
  15. atelectasis
    collapsed lung tissue
  16. auricle
    external ear
  17. pinna
    external ear
  18. ballottement
    making a structure bounce, float, (fetus)
  19. borborygmi
    abdominal sounds that are hyperactive
  20. bruit
    audible murmur, blowing sound
  21. buccal
  22. cerumen
    ear wax
  23. crackles
    bubbling sound in lungs
  24. diaphoresis
  25. diastole
    heart is relaxed
  26. dorsal
  27. dysmenorrhea
    painful periods
  28. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  29. dyspnea
    difficult, or painful breathing
  30. dysuria
    difficult, painful pee
  31. embolus
    foreign object, circulating in blood
  32. enuresis
    involuntary urination, esp. during sleep
  33. fissure
    linear crack in the skin
  34. flank
    between the bottom of the ribs and the upper ilium, over the kidney
  35. fontanel
    baby's soft spot
  36. friction rub
    rubbing of the pleura around the lungs or heart
  37. gallop rhythm
    extra heart sound
  38. glossitis
    inflammation of the tongue
  39. gravida
    number of pgs one has had
  40. heave
    sustained lift of the chest wall
  41. nematuria
    blood in the urine
  42. hemoptysis
    coughing up blood
  43. Homan's sign
    calf pain w/ blood clot
  44. hypoxia
    low oxygen
  45. infarct
    dead tissue
  46. intermittent claudication
    leg cramps from lack oxygen, relieved by brief rest
  47. ischemia
    diminished blood supply to an organ
  48. keratosis
    overgrowth, thickening of skin
  49. kyphosis
    spine curves out at the posterior
  50. Leopold's maneuvers
    checking for the position of the fetus
  51. lesion
    altered area of tissue
  52. lordosis
    anterior curve of the spine
  53. lyphoma
    new growth of lymph tissue
  54. mastitis
    inflammation of the breast
  55. McBurney point
    tender place in appendicitis, between the umbilicus and right iliac spine,
  56. myalgia
    muscle pain
  57. mydriasis
    dilation of the pupil
  58. orthopnea
    need to sit up to breathe or it's painful
  59. palpitation
    pounding, flutterin, racing of the heart
  60. papule
    solid, skin lesion of 1 cm or less
  61. paresis
    motor weakness
  62. paresthesia
    abnormal sensation like numbness or tinglint
  63. parity
    number of viable births
  64. PMI � point of maximum impulse
    area on the chest where the heartbeats is most strongly felt
  65. pruritus
  66. pulse deficit
    difference between the ventricular rate auscultated over the heart and the radial pulse
  67. pulse pressure
    difference between systolic and diastolic pressures, should be within a range of 30 � 40 mm Hg,
  68. purpura
    hemorrhage into the tissue
  69. pustule
    bump that contains pus
  70. pyrosis
  71. pyuria
    white cell (pus) in the urine
  72. rhonchus
    loud, lowpitched, coarse sound (like a snore) lung sound, d/t obstructed airway e.g. mucus
  73. sign
    objective finding perceived by the nurse
  74. symptom
    reported by patient, not perceived by nurs
  75. spondylitis
    inflammtion of spinal verebrae
  76. sprain
    injury to tendon,
  77. strain
    injury to a muscle
  78. striae
    stretch mark
  79. strider
    shrill, harsh lung sound heard during inspiration, caused by laryngeal obstruction
  80. subluxation
    partial or incomplete dislocation of a joint
  81. systole
    the heart is pumping blood and is contracted
  82. thrill
    palpable murmur, i.e. like a purring cat
  83. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of a vein
  84. thrombus
    blood clot attached to the wall
  85. turgor
    normal resiliency of the skin
  86. urticaria
  87. wheeze
    high pitched, musical lung sound,
  88. keloid
    lots of scar tissue on skin of color
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