1. What is my Pershing ID?
    P 6XE BAFC
  2. What is my Pershing PIN?
    • 0828
    • This is mmdd of birthday
  3. What is the Pershing mainframe signon code?
    CICSPROD at blank screen.
  4. What is the Pershing mainframe application for Mutual Fund trading?
  5. What is your DB Network ID?
  6. What system is used by Ellen for billing.
  7. What does GMR stand for?
    Global Manager Research
  8. The Advisory Select product consists of...
    Managers recommend by our Global Manager Research (GMR) team.
  9. The Fund Select product consists of...
    Mutual Funds recommended by our Global Manager Research (GMR) team.
  10. The Managed Select and NDA Select are accounts where..
    Clients grant their Client Advisor (CA) either discretionary or non-discretionary authority over their account, based on the client's preference.
  11. Through DB Select, DB Select Funds and the DB Dynamic ETF Portfolios clients...
    Choose a discretionary, open architechure, multi-asset class solution designed to meet their needs, utilizing the best thinking of our Global Investment Committee.
  12. What does GIC stand for?
    Global Investment Committee.  The group associated with the DB Select, DB Select Funds and DB Dynamic ETF products.
  13. Which products are managed by third party?
    • Advisor Select (60 managers approved by GMR)
    • Consulting Direct
  14. Which products are managed by DB?
    • DB Select
    • DB Select Funds
    • DB Dynamic ETF
  15. Which products are managed by Client Advisors (CA's)?
    • NDA Select (Non-discretionar account)
    • Managed Select (Firm Approved CA's)
    • Funds Select (GMR approved mutual funds)
  16. If a client wishes to terminate an Advisor Select, DB Select or DB Dynamic ETF portfolio what form must they complete?
    A Money Manager Rescission Form
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