Renal diet

  1. When is the renal diet prescirbed
    • renal disease
    • liver disease
  2. What gets limited on the renal diet
    • protein
    • potassium
    • phosphorous
    • sodium& fluid
  3. What does a renal diet emphasize
    high biologic value

    number of CHO needed to spare protein breakdown
  4. If a patient has food allergys what are some common allergans
    • nuts
    • Eggs
    • Cow milk
    • shellfish
    • wheat
  5. People with shellfish allergies may also be allergic to
    contrast dye and iodine
  6. Describe a gluten free diet
    • Used for Celiac's
    • omits wheat,rye,barley,oats, buckwheat,malt
    • allows rice and corn
  7. Where is lactose resticted diets usually occur
    • African Americans
    • Asians
    • Hispanic
    • Native americans
  8. What type of feeding is used when patients have a functioning GI but are unable to orally absorb adequate nutrients and kcals
    Enteral (tube feeding)
  9. Why is enteral nutrition preferred over parenteral
    physiologically benefical to maintain a functioning GI
  10. What is used for short term and long term enteral nutrition
    • ST= nasogastric tube
    • LT= peg tube(surgically placed feeding tube)
  11. What are some GI problems that can occur due to enteral feedings
    • Diarrhea
    • N&V
    • Cramping
    • Distention
    • Constipation
  12. What are some mechanical complications of enteral feedings
    • Tube displacement
    • Tube obstruction
    • Pulomonary aspiration
    • Mucosal damage(damage to stomach lining)
  13. What do we use to manage and make an assessment of enteral feedings
    • Residuals under 200
    • Weight
    • Lung sounds(listen for aspiration)
    • Edema
    • I&O
    • Blood glucose
    • Blood chemistry
    • Confirm tube placement
    • Monitor response to treatment
  14. How do youi chech for tube placement
    • X-ray (1st time)
    • Radiography
    • pH of aspirated fluids
    • Air injected and auscultation
    • Visual assessment of aspiration
  15. How can you monitor response to enteral feedings to make sure they are effective
    • Weight status & trends
    • BUN, creatinine , serum chemistries, proteins
    • Fluid status
    • I&O
  16. How do patients without a functioning GI get fed
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