MT ch. 12

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  1. lapar/o
  2. celi/o
  3. an/o
  4. chol/o
  5. cheil/o
  6. doch/o
  7. gloss/o
  8. hepatic/o
  9. inguin/o
  10. peritone/o
  11. proct/o
  12. sial/o
  13. steat/o
  14. -emesis
  15. salivary glands
    three pairs: parotid, submandibular, sublingual 
  16. uvula
    small projection from back middle end of soft palate
  17. gums
    cover the process of jaw
  18. cardiac sphincter
    from esophagus to stomach 
  19. pyloric sphincter
    from stomach to duodenum 
  20. duodenum 
    first of SI
  21. jejunum
    second of SI 
  22. ileum
    third of SI 
  23. cecum 
    first of LI
  24. vermiform appendix
    worm like of lymphatic tissue hanging off cecum 
  25. colon
    portions of LI from cecum to rectum/by direction or shape 
  26. transverse colon
    colon extends across 
  27. sigmoid
    colon terminates at rectum 
  28. peritoneum
    membrane surround entire abdominal cavity and consist of parietal layer and visceral layer 
  29. omentum
    extension of peritoneum attached to stomach 
  30. hypocondriac 
    beneath ribs
  31. epigastric 
    below sternum
  32. lumbar
    middle lateral 
  33. aphagia
    can't swallow
  34. ascites
    accumulation of fluid in peritoneal cavity 
  35. dysphagia 
    hard to swallow
  36. eructation
  37. halitosis
    bad breath 
  38. hematochezia
    blod in stool 
  39. iceturs
    yellow of skin 
  40. melena
    dark stool by old blood
  41. steatorrhea
    feces containing fat 
  42. sublingual
    under tongue 
  43. ankyloglossia
  44. esophageal varices
    swollen veins in eso
  45. sialoadenitis
    inflammation of salivary gland
  46. stomatitis
    inflammation of mouth
  47. anal fistula 
    abnormal passageway from anus 
  48. colonrectal polyps
    growth on the mucous memb lining LI adn rectum 
  49. pediculated polp
    projected on stalk 
  50. sessile polyp 
    lying flat on the surface 
  51. diverticulum
    abnormal side pocket in gastrointenstinal tract 
  52. diverticulosis 
    presence of diverticular in gast tract 
  53. hemorrhoid
    swollen vein in anal 
  54. hiatal hernia 
    protrusion of part of stomach upward thru opening diaphragm 
  55. incarcerated hernia 
    swollen within a sac
  56. strangulated hernia 
    hernia is constricted from circulation 
  57. ileitis 
    inflammation of lower SI 
  58. intussusception
    prolapse of one part of intestine into lumen of the adjoining part
  59. volvulus
    twist bowel on itself 
  60. cholangitis 
    inflammation of the bile ducts 
  61. cholecystits
    inflammation in gallbladder
  62. choledocholithiasis 
    stones in bile duct 
  63. cholelithiasis 
    stones in gallbladder 
  64. cirrhosis
    degeneration of live tissue
  65. abdominal paracentesis
    puncture of abdomen in peritoneal cavity 
  66. anastomosis 
    union of two hollow vessels 
  67. cheiloplasty
    repair lip 
  68. cholecstectomy
    excision of gallbladder
  69. esophagoplasty
    repair of esophagus 
  70. gastric resection
    partial removal/repair
  71. gastroenterostomy
    formation of artificial opening btw stomach and SI 
  72. glossorrhaphy
    suture of the tongue 
  73. proctoplasty
    repair of anus/rectum 
  74. larparotomy
    incision of abdomen 
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