MT ch. 10

  1. blephar/o
  2. kerat/o
  3. lacrim/o
  4. dacry/o
  5. ocul/o
  6. phac/o
  7. phak/o
  8. presby/o
    old age
  9. vitre/o
  10. -opia
    condition of vision
  11. anterior chamber
    fluid btw cornea and iris 
  12. aqueous humor 
    liquid by ciliary processes/nourishment for everything 
  13. canal of Schlemm
    duct in anterior chamber that carries humor to veins
  14. choroid 
    vascular beneath the sclera that give nourishment to retina 
  15. ciliary body
    behind the peripheral iris
  16. ciliary muscle
    help the near vision 
  17. ciliary processes 
    folds on the inner surface/secrete humor
  18. conjunctiva
    membrane lines eyelids
  19. cornea
    transparent/cover iris/bend to focus 
  20. palpebra 
  21. fovea centralis
    pinpoint depression in center macula lutea/sharpest vision 
  22. fundus
    interior surface/base
  23. glands of Zeis
    oil glands surround eyelashes 
  24. meibomian glands 
    oil glands surround eyelids
  25. iris 
    dilates/contract when light passes
  26. lacrimal gland
    upper out region above eyeball that makes tears
  27. lacrimal ducts
    carry tears to sac
  28. lacrimal sac
    collects tears before to the nasolacrimal duct 
  29. lens
    behind pupil and focus rays on retina 
  30. lens capsule
    encloses the lens 
  31. macula lutea
    central region of retina/central vision/yellow
  32. nasolacrimal duct 
    tears from the sac 
  33. optic disk
    exit site of retinal nerves
  34. posterior chamber
    btw back of iris and front of vitreous chamber
  35. pupil
    center of iris/light passes 
  36. retina
    innermost layer/transmits light to optic nerve 
  37. cones
    color sensitive/respond to bright light 
  38. rods
    responds to dim light 
  39. sclera
    white out coat from cornea to optic nerve 
  40. trabecular meshwork
    filters the humor as it flows into the canal of Schlemm 
  41. vitreous 
    jelly/btw lens and retina/give bulk 
  42. asthenopia
  43. diplopia
    double vision
  44. exophthalmos
    abnormal protrusion
  45. lacrimation
    secretion of tears
  46. nystagmus
  47. scotoma
    blind spot
  48. astigmatisim
    by oblong curvature of lens 
  49. hyperopia 
  50. myopia
  51. accommodation
    can focus on near objects 
  52. amblyopia 
    decreased vision in early life
  53. aphakia
    absence of lens 
  54. blepharochalsis
    baggy eyelid
  55. chalazion
    chronic nodular inflammation of meibomina gland/swelling 
  56. conjunctivitis 
  57. dacryoadenitis
    inflammation lacrimal gland
  58. dacryocystitis 
    inflammation tear sac
  59. diabetic retinopathy
    >>>capillary leakage
  60. epiphora
    abnormal overflow of tears by blockage of lacrimal duct 
  61. glaucoma
    increased intraocula pressure>>damage to optic nerve 
  62. hordeolum
    sty/infection of sebaceous gland 
  63. pseudophakia
    natural lens is replaced with a fake 
  64. pterygium
    fibrous growth of conjunctival tissue that extends onto cornea 
  65. strabismus
    eye misalignment by intraocular muscle imbalance
  66. heterotropia
    eye misalignment by intraocular muscle imbalance
  67. trichiasis 
    misdirected eyelashes that rub on conjuctiva 
  68. cryoretinopexy
    cold to seal a hole in retina 
  69. cryopexy 
    cold to seal hole in retina 
  70. dacryocystectomy
    take out lacrimal sac 
  71. enucleation
    take out eyeball
  72. keratoplasty
    corneal transplation
  73. laser assisted in situ keratomileusis 
    reshape the surface of cornea to correct 
  74. intraocular lens implant 
    implantation of artificial  lens 
  75. phacoemulsifaction
    ultrasound to break up cataract 
  76. scleral buckling
    treat retinal detachment 
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