Muscle Cards

  1. Location and action of GASTROCNEMIUS
    Posterior distal leg, flex knee
  2. Origin & insertion for GASTROCNEMIUS
    Origin Femur, Insertion Calcaneus
  3. Keypoint for GASTROCNEMIUS
    2 muscle bellies
  4. Location & action for SOLEUS
    Posterior distal leg, plantar flex ankle
  5. Origin & Insertion for SOLEUS
    Origin tibia & fibula, Insertion calcaneus
  6. Keypoint for SOLEUS
    aka second heart
  7. Location & action of TIBIALIS ANTERIOR
    Anterior or distal leg, invert foot
  8. Origin & Insertion of TIBIALIS ANTERIOR
    Origin tibia, insertion base of 1st metatarsal
  9. Keypoint for TIBIALIS ANTERIOR
    Crosses over Tibia
  10. Location & action of PERONEUS LONGUS & BREVIS
    Lateral distal leg & evert foot
  11. Origin & insertion of PERONEUS LONGUS & BREVIS
    Origin fibula, insertion 5th & 1st metatarsal
  12. Keypoint for PERONEUS LONGUS & BREVIS
  13. Muscles in HAMSTRING GROUP, location & action
    Biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembrinosus; posterior distal leg, flex knee
  14. Keypoint for HAMSTRINGS GROUP
    All 3 hamstrings originate at ischial tuberosities (sits bone)
  15. Muscles in QUADRICEPS GROUP; location & action
    Rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, vastus intermedius; anterior proximal leg, extend knee.
  16. Keypoint for QUADRICEPS FEMORIS
    all 4 merge into one tendon above patella
  17. Location & action for TRAPEZIUS
    superior back & neck; rotate neck.
  18. Origin & insertion for TRAPEZIUS
    Cranium / spine; clavicle
  19. Location & action of RHOMBOIDS ( Major & Minor)
    Medial superior back; adduct scapula
  20. Origin & insertion of RHOMBOIDS
    Origin spine; insertion scapula
  21. Keypoint for RHOMBOIDS
    these muscles are difficult to distinguish individually
  22. Location & action for LATISSIMUS DORSI
    Mid - low back, extend shoulder
  23. Origin & insertion of LATISSIMUS DORSI
    Origin posterior iliac crest; insertion intertubercular groove of the humerus
  24. Keypoint for LATISSIMUS DORSI
    broadest muscle of the back
  25. Location & action of LEVATOR SCAPULA
    Location lateral & posterior neck; action rotate neck
  26. Origin & insertion of LEVATOR SCAPULA
    origin trasverse processes c1-c4; insertion medial border of scapula
  27. Location & action of TERES MAJOR
    • aka lat's little helper
    • location lateral back; action extend shoulder
  28. Origin & insertion of TERES MAJOR
    origin lower 1/3 of lateral border; insertion crest of lesser tubercle of the humerus
  29. Keypoint for TERES MAJOR
    Superior to lats
  30. Muscles in ERECTOR SPINAE GROUP; location & action
    Spinalis, longissimus, iliocastalis. location medial back; action extend spine.
  31. Keypoint for ERECTOR SPINAE GROUP
    aka Postural muscles
  32. Muscles in GLUTEAL GROUP; location & action
    Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus; location posterior pelvis; action rotate hip
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