clin chem 5

  1. antibody tider
    measures of concentration of abs in blood
  2. anitbody tider equation
    agglutination=antigen binding to antibodies
  3. colorimetry
    lab technique used to measure concentration of a solution by the intensity of its color
  4. how does colorimtry work?
    • serum+reagent---->color change
    • the more intense the color the greater the concentration
    • Visual colorimetery ex: U/A dipstick
  5. what is the law that colorimetry is based on?
    Beers Law: the concentration of a solution is directly proportional to the amount of light absored by that solution and is indirectly proportional th the amount of lighted transmitted thru the solution
  6. what do you need to set up to run tests on the spectrophotometer?
    4 cuvettes
  7. what is the "blank" cuvette in spectrophotometry?
    • contains reagent only
    • used to zero¬† the machine to 100% transmittance and 0% absorbance
  8. what is the "standard" cuvette in spectrophotometry?
    standard solution only (you must buy the solution)
  9. what is the "control" cuvette in spectrophotometry?
    reagent+control solution (must buy)
  10. what is the "patient" cuvette in spectrophotometry?
  11. what are two ways of calculation patient concentration?
    • A: St. Conc/St. abs=Pt. Conc/ PT. abs
    • B: St. Conc/St. abs=Cont. conc/cont. abs
    • is the test valid?

    C. concentration curve
  12. Dry chemistry analyzers
    • Vet testtm
    • measure light reflected of reagent pads then calculates concentration
    • includes norm ranges
    • serum or lithium heparin plasma
  13. How do you preform a manual sperm count
    • count 5 of the 25 squares that are divided into 16 tiny squares and count those individual squares
    • If touching top or right lines, COUNT
    • If touching bottom or left lines, SKIP
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