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  1. Sarha: Located at 409 West 49th Streer, open all day and all night with a specila prayer meeting this Thursday at--
    Poor Miss Sarah!

    • I wonder why a refined doll like her
    • is mixed up in the Mission dodge. 
  2. Benny: She is a beautiful
    dole, all right, with one hundred percent eyes.
    • It is too bad that such a dole wastes all her time
    • being good.

    How can she make any money from that?
  3. Benny: Maybe she owns a piece of the Mission
  4. (Harry the Horse enters L1 crosses to Benny)
    Harry: Benny Southstreet!
    Benny: Harry The Horse! How are you! You know
    Nicely-Nicely Johnson.
    Harry: Yeah. How goes it?
    Nicely: Nicely, nicely, thank you.
  5. Harry: Tell me, what about Nathan Detroit? Is he got a
    place for his crap game?
    Benny: We don’t know yet.
    The heat is on,
  6. Benny: He’s still looking for a place.
    Harry: Well tell him I’m loaded and looking for
    action.I just acquired five thousand potatoes.
    Benny: Five thousand bucks!
    Where did you acquire it?
  7. Harry: I collected the reward on my father.
    (exits R1)
    Everybody is looking for action. I wish Nathan
    finds a –
    (Lieutenant Brannigan entres to Benny)

    • Why, Lieutenant Brannigan!
    • Mr Southstreet, it is Lieutenant Brannigan
    • of the New York Police Department.
  8. Benny: A pleasure.
     Any of you seen Nathan Detroit.
    Benny: Which Nathan Detroit is that?
    Brannigan: I mean the Nathan Detroit who’s beenrunning a floating crap game around here and getting away with it by moving it to a different spot every night.
    Why are you tell us this-Your Honour?
  9. Brannigan: I am telling you this because I know you
    two bums work for Detroit, rustling up customers for his crap game.
    We do?
  10. Brannigan: Yeah!
  11. Brannigan: You can tell him from me. I know that right
    now he’s running around trying to find a spot. Well, nobody’s gonna give him a spot, because they all know that Brannigan is breathing down their neck!

    (Nathan entres)
    Hi, Nathan.
  12. Nathan: Fellas, I’m having terrible trouble. Everybody’s scared on account of that lousy Brannigan, and I can’t Brannigan: Something wrong, Mr Detroit?
    Nathan: Oh. Hello Lieutenant. I hope you don’t think I
    was talking about you. There are other lousy Brannigans.
    Brannigan: Detroit, I have just been talking to your colleagues about your crap game. I imagine you
    are having trouble finding a place.
    Nathan: Well the heat is on as you must know from the
    fact that you now have to live on your salary.
    (Brannigan glares and exits)
    • Benny: Did you find a place.
    • Nathan: What does that cop want from me? What am I a
    • sex maniac? I merely run a crap game for the convenience of those who want a little action in return for which I take a small cut. Is that a crime! Yeah!
  13. Benny: Nathan! Did you find a place?
    Did you find a place for the game?
  14. Nathan: Did I find a place! Did I find –yes I found a
    place. We are holding the crap game tomorrow night atg Radio City Music Hall.
    Benny: How yu gonna fix the ushers?
    Nathan: I tried the regular places. The back of the
    cigar store, the funeral parlour-
    • Nathan,
    • you said once there might be a chance
    • of the Biltmore Garage.
  15. Nathan: I was over to the Biltimore Garage, spoke Joey
    Biltmore himself. He says the might take a chance and let me use the place, if I gave him a thousand bucks.
    Benny: A thounsand bucks!
    Nathan: In cash. He wont take my marker.
    Benny: Your marker’s no good huh?
    Nathan: What do you mean, huh? A marker ain’t just a
    piece of paper that says IOU. One thousand dollars signed Nathan Detroit. A marker is like a pledge which a guy can’t Welch on it. It’s like not saluting the flag.

    (Benny and Nicley remove their hats)

    • Nathan: My marker is as good as gold, only Joey Biltmore don’t think so. It don’t seem possible. Me
    • without a livelihood. Why, I have been running the crop game ever since I was a juvenile delinquent.
  16. Benny: Nathan, can’t you do something.

    Nathan; What can I do? I’m broke. I couldn’t even buy Adelaide a present today, and you know what day today is? It is mine and Adelaids’s 14th anniversity.

    Benny: Yeah?
  17. Nathan: Yeah. We been engaged for 14 years.

    Benny: Nathan, concentrate on the game. The Town’s up
    to here with high players. The Greek’s in town.
    Brandy Bottle Bates!

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