Review for Exam II

  1. attempts
    an intent to commit a crime coupled with an act taken toward committing the offense
  2. conspiracy
    the crime of two or more persons agreeing or planning to commit a crime
  3. abortion
    the intentional termination of a pregnancy
  4. felony murder
    a homicide committed during the course of committing another felony other than murder
  5. homicide
    the killing of a human being
  6. first degree murder
    the highest degree of unlawful homicide, usually defined as "an unlawful act committed,
  7. invlountary manslaughter
    the unintentional killing of another person as the result of gross or wanton negligence
  8. manslaughter
    the crime of unlawfully killing another person without malice
  9. murder
  10. premeditation
    deliberate decision or plan to commit a crime
  11. right to die
    controversial "right" to terminate one's own life under certain circumstances
  12. second-degree murder
    typically refers to a killing perpetrated by an act imminently dangerous to another and evincing a depraved mind regardess of human life
  13. suicide
    the intentional taking of a person's own life
  14. vehicular homicide
    homicide resulting from the unlawful and negligent operation of a motor vehicle
  15. voluntarily manslaughter
    the intentional killing of a human without malice or premeditation and usually occuring during a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion
  16. abuse of the elderly
    infliction of physical or mental harm on elderly persons
  17. aggravated assault
    an assault committed with a dangerous weapon or with intent to commit a felony
  18. aggravated battery
    a battery committed by use of an instrument designed to inflict great bodily harm on the victim
  19. civil rights
    rights protected by the federal and state constitutions and statutes
  20. hazing
    intentional or reckless physical or mental harassement
  21. kidnapping
    the forcible abduction and carrying away of a person against that person's will
  22. mayhem
    at common law, the crime of unjuring someone so as to render that person less able to fight
  23. sodomy
    oral or anal sex
  24. stalking
    following or placing a person under surveillance and threatening that person with bodily harm
  25. statutory rape
    the strict liability offense of having sexual intercourse with a minor
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