Hinduism - pilgrimage

  1. Tirtha
    A place where one can cross from the material into the spiritual. A site of pilgrimage
  2. Activities performed on pilgrimage
    • Taking darshan (sightings) of deities
    • Participating in worship or glorification
    • Charity
    • Austerities and penance
    • Receiving spiritual advice
    • Specific rites
    • Circumambulation of Holy places
  3. Why do Hindu's go on pilgrimages?
    • To remember special people
    • To fix the mind on God and glorify him
    • For spiritual development and merit
    • For purification and atonement of sins
    • Meeting and taking guidance from Holy people
    • To perform specific religious rites
    • Self-reflection and contemplation
    • Uplifting and memorable spiritual experiences
  4. Pilgrimage is a practical expression of a belief in:
    • Deities - worthiness and legitimacy of such
    • Samsara - builds punya, minimises papa
    • Space - belief in sacred spaces (tirtha)
    • Rites - the power of rites to achieve spiritual blessings
    • people - belief in the enlightened wisdom of holy people
    • Blessings
  5. Pilgrimage is significant because it:
    • Engages in spiritual rites
    • Builds Punya
    • Inspirtation received
    • Enlightenment received
    • Participation in darshan (sightings)
    • Forgiveness is received
    • Blessing is received

    Same for individual and community
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