1. What was Gandhi's impact on the Sacred texts of Hinduism?
    Minimal. His life did not challenge, replace or revoke any Hindu sacred texts. 
  2. What was Gandhi's impact on Hindu on Puja
    • Did not challenge the practice of Puja = minimal impact
    • He himself practiced Puja to Rama
  3. What was Gandhi's impact on pilgrimage?
    • Has not removed or redefined the practice in any significant or enduring way.
    • Some practice pilgrimage to his tomb
  4. What was Gandhi's impact on Samskaras?
    His impact was negligible. He did not impact the performance of Samskaras in any way
  5. How did Gandhi impact sacred festivals?
    • He had minimal impact. His life and teachings did not revoke their prominent role
    • There is a national holiday commemorating his life
  6. Which elements of Hindu beliefs did gandhi impact?
    • Satyagraha
    • Ahimsa
    • Deity
    • Brahmachanya
    • Ashram
    • Sadhana
    • Harijan
  7. What is Satyagraha?
    "soul force" - a philosophy and practice of non-violence
  8. How did Gandhi use satyagraha?
    Pioneered its use during the Indian Independence Movement in SA. Particularly used fasting
  9. What is Ahimsa?
    The avoidance of violence. Traditionally concerned with the Hindu diet
  10. How did Gandhi impact ahimsa?
    • Transformed it into a means of social change through non-violent methods e.g. salt marches
    • Used to change the mindset of the enemy
    • Instrumental in achieving self-rule
  11. Was Gandhi regarded as a deity?
    • Yes, he had almost divine status.
    • Was recognised by political leaders as their political, philosophical and spiritual forbearer
  12. What is brahmacharya?
    Self control in one's deeds?
  13. How did Gandhi influence the understanding of brahmacharya?
    • Changed it to be self control in one's words, thoughts and deeds.
    • Practiced self restraint (particularly sexually)
    • However despite his teachings, only some of India's population have taken a vow of chastity = minimal impact
  14. What is an ashram?
    An isolated place of Hindu cultural activity 
  15. What was Gandhi's impact on the use of ashrams?
    • Gandhi used them as a training ground for his disciples
    • However his ultimate impact has been minimal
  16. How did Gandhi impact sahana (the pursuit of spirituality)?
    • Through his contribution, sadhana came to involve the love and service of others, rather than an exclusive performance of rituals by Holy people
    • Thus had had a deep enduring impact on the life and expression of everyday Hindus
  17. What was Gandhi's teaching regarding Harijan (Untouchables)?
    Taught that the caste system was a perversion of true Hinduism and that all were equal in God's eyes
  18. What was Gandhi's impact on the understanding of Harijan?
    Achieved a paradigm shift in Indian society - an eglatarian view of untouchables, including improved rights
  19. What was Gandhi's impact on virtues?
    educated in and practiced the 4 cardinal virtues of dharma - thus provided exemplary spiritual guidance to believers
  20. What was Gandhi's imapct on untouchables?
    • His campaigning and actions led to a change in their legal status
    • However he was not the sole figure in achieving progress
    • Deeply rooted discrimination still occurs
  21. Which elements of Hindu ethics did Gandhi impact?
    • Virtues
    • Untouchables
    • Women
  22. How did Gandhi's life impact the status of women?
    Gandhi's teachings resulted in a pradigm shift - from a traditional partriarchal society to a liberal, equal approach
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