test 3 review

  1. Jefferson
    What evidence exists pointing to Jefferson's belief in abolition?
    • 1.Whigs, early draft of declartation Jefferson condems the slave trade
    • 2. Book "Notes on state of VA"- saying owning slaves condems a person-
  2. Jefferson
    Why did Jefferson retreat from abolition after his return from Paris in the 1780s?
    • -money- he needed slaves to help him be wealthy
    • -the Book he wrote arrived in the US and created bad reputation for him..he never published again
    • -SallyHemmings is Jefferson's sister in Law- Jefferson has children with her cuz he looks like old wife..he freed the children but never her
  3. Louisiana
    Why did Spain give away Louisiana?
    • Signing the Treaty of San Ildefonso (secret treaty)
    • answer: they gave it away to create a "buffer zone" between them and the US
  4. Louisiana
    What role does Louisiana play in Napoleon's plan?
  5. Louisiana
    What events led Jefferson to attempt to buy New Orleans?
  6. Louisiana
    What events led Napoleon to sell Louisiana?
    • needs money-to go to war with BR
    • loss of French Haiti- lost 90K troops
    • sells Louisiana territory for $15M or 8.3 acres
  7. Louisiana
    Identify the purposes of the Lewis and Clark expedition
    with York Clarks slave that the natives never seen and also wanted to breed with him
    • 1804-06
    • 1.Jefferson wants to know if there is and all water route to the Pacific..waterfall stops them far up west
    • 2. flora and fauna- different species that we havent seen before, from plants to animals..black bear
    • 3. Jefferson wants maps that are correct
    • 4. make contact with the natives, but natives have seen white people before due to the fur trappers
  8. Louisiana
    Identify the purposes of the Zebulon Pike expedition
    • up the mississippi river
    • --spying on BR in Canada
    • Pike peak-he was spying on the Spainsh in Texas looking at their military- got caught and sent back to the American side
  9. Louisiana
    What circumstances led to Alexander Hamilton's death?
    July 11 1804 they duel in NJ which it is legal to do so, he is shot and killed
  10. Louisiana
    What plot was Aaron burr involved with concering the western territories? Why did the Plot fail?
    seize New Orleans, LA, TX and making that into a new counrty, maybe also some of Northern Mexico
  11. Louisiana
    How did Burr avoid conviction for treason?
    • -none of the stories matched up- not guilty
    • judges says: for treason you must: prove a conspiracy, prove overt action took place
  12. Louisiana
    What precedent for future treason trails was set by this case?
  13. Louisiana
    Treaty of San Ildefonso
    • 1800- secret treaty
    • spain gave LA territory to the French
    • buffer zone between Spanish and US with French in middle
  14. Louisiana
    General James Wilkinson
    • spy for Spanish
    • co-Conspirator with A. Burr
  15. Foreign Affairs
    What were the events that inflamed anti-British feelings in the United States?
  16. Foreign Affairs
    Identify the provisions of the Embargo Act of 1807
    Jefferson stops all trade with Europe
  17. Foreign Affairs
    Identify the provisions of the Nonintercourse Act of 1809
    trade with everyone except Britian and France
  18. Foreign Affairs
    Identify the provisions of the Macon's Bill Number 2
    • open trade with everyone, also
    • BR/FR offered a prize for the first country to recongize America's neutrality, US would then stop selling to the other country
  19. Foreign Affairs
    What was Prophet's appeal to Indians in the old NY?
  20. Foreign Affairs
    What final events led to war with Great Britain?
    • Britian was giving guns to the natives to attack the Americans
    • they continued to impress the American saliors also
  21. Foreign Affairs
    • Native brothers in the Great Lakes area
    • create a pan-Indian Confederacy--all the natives living around to join together, keep your ways, fight the Americans that are showing up
  22. Foreign Affairs
    Battle of Tippecanoe
    1811 Tecumseh vs US-US wins
  23. War of 1812
    What was Madison's battle plan and why did it fail?
  24. War of 1812
    How did the war expose sectional differences?
  25. War of 1812
    What was the British battle plan in 1814? What was the overall result were the British hoping for?
    • attack East coast of US
    • push south out of Canada
    • Needs N.O. to effectively control
  26. War of 1812
    What does the phrase "status quo ante bellum" mean?
    everything goes back as it was before the war
  27. War of 1812
    Battle of New Orleans
  28. War of 1812
    Treaty of Ghent
    Dec 14,1814 signed with BR, and putting everything back the way it was before the war "status quo ante bellum"
  29. Boundaries
    What are the provisions of the Convention of 1818?
    • Canada 49 parallel and west
    • LA terrority
    • solves the border issues
    • joint settlement of Oregon Territory
  30. Boundaries
    What are the provisions of the Rush-Bagot Agreement?
    • 1819
    • both US and BR agree to keep warships out of the Great Lakes (disarming the great lakes)
  31. Boundaries
    Why did President Monroe send Andrew Jackson to Florida?
  32. Boundaries
    What steps would be necessary for Spain to perform before the US would leave Florida?
  33. Boundaries
    What are the provisions of the Adams-Onis Treaty?
    • 1819
    • Spain sells FL $5M
    • Spain gives up claims to Oregon
    • US gives up claims to Texas
  34. Transportation
    Define "autarky"
    • self sufficient nation
    • -transportation/ infastructure
    • -stable finance
    • -manufacturing
  35. Transportation
    What are the elements of the American System?
    • -2nd National Bank they want it back
    • -calls for a federal $ for internal improvents (roads, bridges, canals)
    • -mild import tax to propect American manufactoring 5-10% tops (glass,paint, lead,)
  36. Transportation
    How will the American system help the US become an autarky?
  37. Transportation
    What were the problems with using rivers for transportation?
    it was a one way trip...they were unable to go up stream without the steamboat
  38. Transportation
    What was the economic impact of the steamboat and canals on trade?
    • transportation drops 90%
    • from Albany to N.O. transportation drops 80-90%
    • creates more people to create more canals everywhere else
  39. Transportation
    How do improvements in transportation change agriculture and influence the western market economy?
    • pre-canal farmer has 7 diff crops
    • post-canal farmer has now only one crop to sell for cash
  40. Transportation
    How does this benifit eastern manufacturing?
  41. Transportation
    What factors allow cotton to become the dominant crop in the South?
    • demand by Britian
    • rich fetile soil in the South"black belt"
    • slaves
    • cotton gin- deseeding the cotton quicker bringing down cost
  42. Transportation
    Robert Fulton
    • created the steamboat 1807
    • was able to go against the current, N.O.-Ohio river-pittsburg
    • 5 yrs go from 1 to100 working the corridor
  43. Transportation
    Erie Canal
    • 1817-1825
    • created from Albany,NY to Buffalo, NY
  44. Politics
    What were the provisions of the Missouri Compromise?
    • 1820
    • 36 30 no slaves north of it
  45. Politics
    Why does the Republican Party begin to fall apart after the election of 1820?
  46. Politics
    Who are the four candidates in the election of 1824 and which parts of the USA do they represent?
    • Quincy Adams-new england
    • William Crawford-wealthy south
    • Henry Clay-upper west
    • Andrew Jackson-lower west
  47. Jackson Presidency
    Why does Jackson want to do away with the National bank? How does he justify this?
  48. Jackson Presidency
    Define nullification, What crisis does it revolve around in 1832?
    the idea that a state can refuse to instate federal law, if the state believes the law is a or goes against the states interest
  49. Jackson Presidency
    What was the real issue in the nullification crisis and how that issue be protected by the power of nullification?
  50. Jackson Presidency
    With regard to the Natives, what are the differences in the "remove vs reform" arguments?
    • reform- teach the nativesĀ  how to farm and be like the white people
    • Removal- remove them further away
  51. Jackson Presidency
    What are the ideas of Lewis Cass?
    • natives cannot be reformed
    • 1. linguisitc differences (capitalism, democracy)
    • 2. perpetual hunter state that the natives were always in
  52. Jackson Presidency
    Where, and over what, did the Indian crisis begin?
  53. Jackson Presidency
    What is Jackson's reason for the Indian Removal Act of 1830?
  54. Jackson Presidency
    What are the provisions of the Indian Removal Act and who is the act aimed at?
    • the natives can stay but if they stay they have to follow under the laws of that state
    • -if they didnt want to stay they would be transported over the mississippi river
  55. Jackson Presidency
    Cherokee Nation vs Georgia
    Indian territory is subject to federal law, not state law
  56. Jackson Presidency
    Worcester vs Georgia
    GA laws were unconstitional- 70K moved to other side of mississippi
  57. Jackson Presidency
    Trail of Tears
    • started with 16K natives and only 70% lived
    • 1838
    • they wasnt enough food, clothing, etc
    • a worst time in transporting people to a new area
  58. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What is "free will" theology? How did it lead to a belief called "perfectionism"?
    • believed in pre-destination- before the world was made GOD knew who was going to heaven and Hell and you can't change it
    • Salvation is chosen or rejected by the individual
  59. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Why were the Shakers unsuccessful?
    they didn't continue to create babies since they believed in celibacy,
  60. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Who are the Shakers?
    • celibacy- even if married
    • they took in orphans to help build the colony
  61. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Why did the South generally shy away from serious social reform?
  62. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What is the chief feature to come out of the Second Great Awakening in the Northen states?
  63. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What were the claims put forth by Joseph Smith in the Book of Mormon? What practice of the Mormons got them into so much trouble?
  64. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What are the plans of the American Colonization Society?
  65. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Can you define and give sufficient examples of "Moral Suasion"? Whose tool was it?
  66. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What is the argument put forth in James Hammond's Mudsill Theory?
  67. The Pursuit of Perfection
    What third political parties are created by the growing slavery crisis? Why are they important?
  68. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Oneida Community
    • -open marriage
    • Lader Day St.-believe Jesus after his rescurection wanted to visit the natives
    • Bible book of Mormon-translated by J.Smith
  69. The Pursuit of Perfection
    William Llyod Garrison
    • The liberator, founder of American Anti-Slavery Society 1833
    • immediate emancipation
    • reject colonization
    • non-violent
  70. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Frederick Douglass
    • escaped from slavery twice
    • wrote his autobiography
    • slave owner wife may have taught him to read and write
    • he was able to give clear testiment of being a slave
    • had his own newspaper
  71. The Pursuit of Perfection
    Nat Turner
  72. Manifest Destiny
    What is "Manifest Destiny"? What are its key themes?
    • ordained by GOD
    • virtue of the American way
    • duty to spread the virtues to the rest of the world
    • racism
  73. Manifest Destiny
    What four countries claimed Oregon?
    • US
    • Great Britian
    • Spain
    • Russia
  74. Manifest Destiny
    What were the strengths and weaknesses of their claims?
  75. Manifest Destiny
    How is ownership of the Oregon Territory finally decided?
    between US and BR argue the land after they have taken exploration, cession, contiguity, and settlement play into consideration
  76. Manifest Destiny
    What part of Texas was claimed by both Texas and Mexico after Texas won its independence?
  77. Manifest Destiny
    What incident does President James Polk use as an excuse to declare war on Mexico?
  78. Manifest Destiny
    What are the provisions of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo?
    • sets Rio Grande as border b/w US and MX
    • CA and the southwest is lost
    • US pays 15M
  79. Manifest Destiny
    How does the North view the war?
    Northerners viewed as a slavery things, use the land for more slavery
  80. Manifest Destiny
    What are the provisions of the Wilmot Proviso?
    none of the land taken from MX couldnt have slavery
  81. Manifest Destiny
    What influence did exploration, cession, contiguity, and settlement play in settling land disputes?
    • E-the times each can to area
    • con-the terriorty they had claimed land ajacent to your territory
    • c- Adam Onis-Spain
    • sp-amount of land they owned 1845 US-60K, GBR-10K,
  82. North and South
    In the South, why was there so little investment in manufacturing?
    their is little investment in it because in the South your wealth was measured by land and slaves
  83. North and South
    What does a person need to be classified as a "planter"?
    they have to own at least 20 slaves
  84. North and South
    What are the levels and characteristics of the South's social system?
    • Planters -owned 20 slaves-4% of the pop.
    • small slaveholders- owned less than 20 slaves-21% of the pop.
    • small farmers- maybe 1 slave
    • poor whites
    • free blacks
    • slaves
  85. North and South
    For what reasons did those on the low end of the social system fail to rise against the slaveowners?
    • they still wanted to be planters themselves hopefully
    • old fashioned racism
  86. North and South
    What were the North's advantages in transportation and in manufacturing?
    they had; railroads, canals, harbors,
  87. North and South
    What was the legal status of slaves?
    chattle- a thing that is owned by a person
  88. North and South
    What were the dangers of being a free black in the South?
    -whites would claim free slaves as their own slave without making sure
  89. American and the Monroe Doctrine
    Why did Britain part ways with the Holy Alliance?
  90. American and the Monroe Doctrine
    What was Britain's concern abour trade with South America?
  91. American and the Monroe Doctrine
    What is "Greek fever"?
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