Government 18

  1. corporate governance
    The exercise of authority over the members of a corporate community based on formal structures, rules, and processes.
  2. corporate charter
    The document that authorizes formation of a corporation
  3. fiduciary responsibility
    The legal duty of a representative to manage prperty in the interest of the owner
  4. Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002
    A federal statute designed to prevent financial fraud. It enacted new regulations on auditing, financial reporting, and legal compliance
  5. inside directors
    Directors who are employees of the company
  6. outside directors
    Directors who are not employees of the company
  7. independent directors
    Outside directors who do not have business dealings with a corporation that would impair their impartiality
  8. lead director
    An independent director who chairs regular board meetings of other independent directors
  9. institutional investors
    organizational investors that buy shares in publicly traded corporations.
  10. proxy statement
    A document sent to share holders before the annual meeting that sets forth matters requiring their vote.
  11. stock option
    The right to buy the company's stock at a fixed price in the future and under conditions determined by the board of directors
  12. performance shares
    Shares of company stock awarded after a fixed period of years if individual and company performance goals are met
  13. restricted stock
    A grant of stock with restrictions. it cannot be sold until certain conditionsare met, most often the lapse of a time period or meeting a performance goal.
  14. backdating
    setting the exercise price of stock options at the price on a date before the date they were granted
  15. spring loading
    Granting options shortly before good news causes a share price rise.
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