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  1. lecture 6
  2. _______ _______ uses the energy of a molecule gradient to transport it in and out of the cell
    passive transport
  3. ___ ____ uses cellular energy to transport a molecule in and out of the cell
    active transport
  4. ____ ____ transport use ATP for energy to transport molecules
    primary active
  5. ___ ___ hydroloyzes ATPase to open the channel
    ABC ATPase
  6. ____ _____ transport uses charge or gradient of another molecule to transport a molecule
    secondary active
  7. ___ ___ uses a gradient from one ion to transport another against its gradient
    MFS transport
  8. ___ is a proten channel that uses charge to pull charged ions across the membrane
  9. MFS transporter that brings a molecule the same direction as the molecule following its gradient
  10. MFS transporter that brings a molecule opposite direction as the molecule following its gradient
  11. _____ system uses a complicated pathway to regulate glucose transport
  12. Type _ Secretory system passes both membranes in one step
  13. Three proteins line up to produce channel to kick antibiotic out of cell
    drug efflux pump
  14. _ allows transport across both bacterial membranes and host membrane to secrete toxins; has ball protein that interacts with host cell
    needle complex
  15. secretes toxins into host cell through needle complex
    syringe secretion
  16. Type _ secretory system transports protein through inner membrane then transports through separate protein on outer membrane
  17. _ keeps the protein from folding so it can get through inner membrane protein
  18. ____ ____is a leader peptide on petide chain that tells the chaperone to transport it out
    signal sequence
  19. ___ ____ is a transport channel in inner membrane that only transports unfolded proteins
    sec translocon
  20. huge complex that transports fully folded proteins
    TAT secretory system
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